Perfect example of why Al Brooks is impossible to follow

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  1. In his book he writes..

    "The one-bar selloff at the Bar 9 M2S (a Low 2 at the EMA) was followed by an inside bar signal bar, creating another Breakout Pullback short entry on Bar 10."

    Ok, here is the problem, what he calls a M2S is simply a second push down off the EMA but guess what? Bar 9 was the 3rd push down! you would have been stopped out at the second push down.

    His entire book is filled with this crap. Simply impossible to follow someone who just makes things up as they go along.

    <img src=>

    The chart is from wiley website available for download to anyone even if you dont own the book.
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  2. Mysteron


    I have a gut feeling that Al Brooks is making money just by selling books only - I feel the same about anyone who sells books, courses or software.

    I did read a bit of his stuff from a pdf I have but the terminology was a problem, as you have pointed out, and I take the view that if what is stated isn't clear then its not of any use, because when you are trading you can't afford to falter over the meaning of this or that bar. You need to be clear what you are doing and avoid anything that may confuse.

    Personally I think the use of an ema on a chart is distracting and of no value, so I don't use them, and therefore make no attempt to interpret bars in relation to an ema.

    I think that Nodoji an advocate of the 20 ema, maybe you'll get a response there.
  3. clacy


    Anyone can add a bunch of gibberish and annotate a chart, after the fact and make it sound like it was easy to see.

    The fact that Al Brooks is writing books and selling courses, is enough evidence for me that he can't actually trade it profitably in real time however.
  4. Pekelo


    Here is what I don't get. OK, you don't like him, so don't buy his stuff. But why do you need to start 3 threads on him? You know, others pay good money for Baron to keep up this kind of visibility.

    So all you do is provide him with free advertisement... There is no such a thing as bad PR... :)
  5. wrbtrader


    If he's that bad, shouldn't you be encouraging others to learn his methods, apply his methods so that you can be on the other side of their trades. :D

    Thus, there's no brotherhood here or any where else. Folks here and elsewhere are anonymous...couldn't care if you make enough money to buy a ice cream cone or buy a house. Your priority should be to be profitable. Therefore, if you know someone's method is not profitable...please explain to me why you''re not taking trades opposite of the method. :confused:

    Seriously, I think most folks can't handle learning and applying someone's else discretionary method. Heck, I bet many can't understand why folks like NoDoji are able to take what they need from the method and make it work for themselves even though there are other parts of the method that doesn't make sense to that trader.

    The rest, well...they're traders stuck in that loop of complaining about the book writer, complaining about their broker, complaining about their charting program, complaining the market itself...stuck and fixated in that losing loop.

    Al sells books, get over it, don't read the stuff and move on to something else to complain about. Hopefully you didn't pay a lot of money because it sucks to be this disgruntle in a career of trading that you chosen for yourself (seriously).
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  6. Mysteron


    Your logic is flawed and foolish, a prime example of a thread starting to become derailed by silliness.
  7. this is simply a purging of all the time i invested in this stupid garbage. its like im hovering over the toilet bowl and spewing out all this insanely idiot shit ive been believing in all this time. and now am totally convinced its delusional to think it has any value at all.

    btw, its not like this stuff caused me to lose a bunch of money. to the contrary. gross, i have not lost a dime. one big problem though...

    its all 50/50 trading. and guess what, any idiot can maintain a gross p/l that hovers around break even. it took him hundreds of thousands of pages of writing to tell me to flip a coin and put a target equal to your stop. WOW!
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  8. No,it took your lazy brain hudreds of thouthtands of pages to get it!

  9. sadly true.
  10. is Al Brooks is not profitable, how has he supported his family for so many years after he gave up physician practice? you mean his wife fed him?
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