Perfect Broker/Software combination ?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Rosenkavalier, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. I trade FX and Futures on EUREX, LIFFE and CME. Eventhough I have been in the business for a while I am still looking for the perfect Broker/Trading Software combination.
    I don't like to pay twice for exchange fees and system offered by software and broker. Of course you need the software package as your broker don't offer good chart packages or news feeds. I am not a scalper but still don't want to pay 10 or 15 Euros per round turn. Important for me also is that my software provides real time news (preferable DowJones news feed).
    The brokers ManFinancial and Refco are hardly mentioned on this web site. Any reason? What about CGQ for software? I use it currently but though chart quality is excellent the package is not really cheap.
    Any advice is highly appreciated.
  2. I used Man for 2 years - solid company, not the cheapest. Mtrade Pro is J trader in disguise.

    The reason I changed is that if you ever have a problem and need to talk to the order desk, its like talking to cavemen. Seriously not too bright there, and extremely unhelpful.

    Don't think the company has oriented itself to the needs of professional short term traders like IB.

    Good luck

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    Interactive Brokers Traders Workstation as your broker. Ensign windows for your charting. CQG wow whats that run you $400.00
    plus a month.
  4. J trader is repackaged by several names, such as M trade pro.

    I had very poor results with Man, but only used them for placing pit based trades. They screwed up my trades a few times, and it took days of bitching to get them to do anything about it. I'm talking about blatant screw ups too, such as filling me with too many contracts or not executing stops. I had to show absolute proof that it was their fault (always was), and they still fought the process.

    I would steer clear of Man.