[Perf Analysis] Hard time with excel / X_Trader. Easier Way ?

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  1. K-Pia


    Hi everyone.

    X_Trader doesn't provide anything 'Out of the Box' for Performance Analysis.
    If I want to analyse my trades (Win / Miss, Gain / Loss, Max Drawdown...)
    Then the only I have is to do it myself with excel from the raw fills ...

    I was wondering if there is any way to make that job easier ?
    From an add-on ? A standalone Software ? A website ?

    How do you guys get that analysis done ?

    Otherwise my spreadshit's done,
    But even done, that's still a "lot" of work.

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  2. Metamega


    I have checked this out a few times.

    Edgewonk.com. Don't trade enough to justify it quite yet.

    It looks very interesting and I've seen some good reviews. It's not that expensive at 119$ for one time licence. They have some training packages but don't think you need it. Free trial is available.

    It says it uses excel and needs excel 2010 or higher so guessing it's some sort of addon/ plugin.
  3. K-Pia


    Thanks for the reply.
    I'll give it a look. See how it's done.
    Hey maybe we could make it for free =P
    I don't plan to give money away for that. IMO, it doesn't add enough value.
    But I'd still like to be aware of my perfs from different viewpoints.
    Maybe learn a bit of R or Python. Or even VBA.

    Thanks !!
  4. K-Pia


    Wow, I've check Edgewonk. That's more than I was asking !!
    That stuff is more like your assistant than just a simple fills cruncher.
  5. Metamega


    Yah. It looks interesting. When I get a good chunk of time I plan on trying the trial.

    I'm all for anyone to learn coding languages. Their very useful tools. I myself use amibroker and AFL as it's intuitive I find as a non programmer and taking on Python or R is just too much with my schedule / overdone for my approach. I love learning AFL so far and could see me possibly trying R sometime in the nearer future.

    I look at software as a time vs money. If you don't have much need for R or Python besides analyzing trade history, Excel would provide the easiest way to analyze trades and leave time for other tasks.

    I myself just use a template I got from Adam grimes free course with some more columns. Every so often, I review stats by the particular setups I use and see what's working and what's not.

    Details are more in my trading journal. I do a nightly quick recap, small paragraph and maybe a picture of a graph/ setup and then Sunday's I recap the week In a longer form. Add pictures of trades On a graph and just my thoughts on what worked, what was different. How my stops were placed and could it be improved etc.

    Every once and awhile I go back and read the weekly journals and just go through and see if I'm seeing any consistent bad patterns. It's amazing how when I compare old journal entries and compare to now how things improve.

    Excel should provide any utility you need as far as graphing and working stats. Edgewonk just throws more visuals and information in a quick format from what I can see.
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  6. Is Ninjatrader an option?
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  7. K-Pia


    Right. It's true that their platform provide good perf analysis. But unfortunately, that's not an option. Thanks for the reply !
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  8. Anything over 1 contract with NT strategy analysis reporting is practically worthless.
  9. K-Pia


    No really ?!
    How can more contract renders it instable ?
    Strange. It's just a matter of arithmetic.
    Anyway, I'll stick with Excel.
  10. If you fill 5 at same price point on both buy/sell, that's 1 trade. Now if you fill 5 buy, then on sell you get 4 at one price, then 1 at another price, that's now 2 trades, and very unequally weighted.
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