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  2. you most likely used the wrong laptop to trade.


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    Easy yes, Watching the other videos suggests ones perceptions are not always what we think they are.
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    For the majority of mankind, the human mind can only concentrate on one thing at a time.There are but a handful that can use their mind to do many things at once, very rare.

    Hence, you did not see the great ape, even as he pounded his chest right in front of you!

    Take the words below. Very true indeed, but you can ignore the rest of what they have to offer; if you are one of those who keep following numerous leads that get you nowhere.

    The principle of success is focus. It is what makes the difference between those who are successful and those who are not, irregardless of how much talent, resource and energy that they have. It is a fallacy to think that the more things you do at once, the more you can accomplish. It is a counter intuitive truth that the less you do, the more you accomplish. There’s a difference between doing something and doing it completely. Achievement does not come by how much activity is done but by task completed.

    Each time you have something extra to do or an additional goal to pursue, you further split your power. It might seem that you can accomplish a lot more by having more projects to work on. But if you really compare the net effect of how much you could have accomplished by channeling all your energy into one area instead of all the other areas, you would find that what you could gain in that one area is still much more than many areas combined. The best in the world focus all their power in a single place.

    "What is the best way to accomplish any task"
  5. I dont think the Gorilla is important as it relates to the challenge of this test.
    if the Gorilla had a white shirt it would be an issue, or if the Gorilla had stolen White's ball then an issue.

    I think focus would be affirmed if you ignored the Gorilla or any other changes outside your task.
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    you followed orders:mad:
  7. I agree with you.

    Chopra states as the 5th law (like a rule) The Law of Intention and Desire.

    The one thing to do to manifest a trading approach is to keep focused on intention.

    The Gorilla simply doesn't matter.

    As you imply in your posts here, most people never get to have a rule set for trading.

    Also, most people never "SEE" the markets.
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    One does not have to see the market to win.
    One does not need to follow a set of rules.
    One does not need to take any heed of the vast amount of useless information put forward by many.

    "What does one need to do in order to win at trading"

    We do not really see reality, we perceive it. The understanding of this truth is a fundamental NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) principle. It is a subtle but important distinction to inwardly know that what we see is an interpretation of reality. Why is this important?

    Because we are always providing our own interpretations of reality based upon our own subjective, faulty or biased paradigms. This affects not just how we understand the world, but how we understand people. Here are some of my favourite illustrations of the fragility of our perception.


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