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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by cpo, Sep 29, 2002.

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    Dear brethren:

    Is trading, perhaps, all about a game of perceptions? We would not be dealing with fundamentals and technicals. In fact we would be dealing only with perceptions.

    The trend would be, in fact, a growing perception of what is about to happen in the future. When the perception grows to its fullest, i.e. the perception meets its object in the present, the trend ends. Then a new perception starts to flow, leading to another trend. The end result is a graceful, never-ending dance in the realm of the present moment.

    Perhaps I am in a poetic mood. :p

  2. "Perhaps I am in a poetic mood"

    It happens to a lot of us. Especially on weekends and after a couple of Buds:)
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    The necessary and most simple corollary is that in the initial stages of a trend, there is none or minimal perception about it.

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    I really like the way that you put that cpo ! I have never heard it expressed like that before . Any further conclusions you have reached , or elaborations you can provide based on the last few years since you posted that ?
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    IMO, the perception does not meet the objective but overshoots considerably, followed by a market reversal and then perception building in the opposite direction. This is the dance as I see it.