Percentage Stops

Discussion in 'Trading' started by oldtime, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Man what a fool I've been. Since I've been out of the market for years, many of the underlyings I traded have doubled or tripled in price. I always set my stops based on my account size. In otherwords, I was willing to risk a certain percentage of my account on any one trade.

    Well heck, the market doesn't know or care how much money is in my account.

    I've never traded stocks but for example, the stop on a $70 stock should be twice as large as the stop on a $35 stock.

    That has been obvious to traders for centuries. But still I would day trade that ES and it would creep up on me and nose down and I never adjusted my stops.

    What a fool.
  2. So anyway, what I was trying tosay was, I'm all for percentage stops, but based on the price of the underlying, not the size of my stupid account.

    Cause I can tell you, the same stops that used to work don't work anymore.