Percentage gainers, data needed each morn.

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    I am following a service that shows the "percentage gainers" in real time, each morn for NASDAQ or NYSE. The data UNFORTUNATELY FOR ME, is based on yesterdays closing price, not the opening price. I waste time looking for "gainers" from the open (not the close). Does anyone know a data provider for such info? Oh yes, current data provider said they have to calculate from previous days close rather than opening price (which I don't believe is really required if they would just rewrite their software)

  2. I don't think this is what you're interested in, but just in case:

    AmiQuote will do it (for NYSE and NASDAQ only) in the form of a text file (so you'd have to do some simple programming) and is usually available at about 8 p.m. MST. I believe it comes with AmiBroker which is around $60 one-time.
  3. Oops! Sorry - I just read how you wanted it real time - nevermind.
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    You could look at Traderbot ( It is not a data provider but a real-time screener. You can create, store and run pre-defined screens choosing from many parameters.

    It is possible to do a "percent-gain-vs-open" or even a percent gain for the last n minutes. You can set many other parameters as well.
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    I use TraderBot for a realtime screener and I like it.
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    Fellows, TraderBot is what I use but the "percentage gainers" shown percentage values is based on YESTERDAYS CLOSING PRICE, not the opening price. It doesn't matter how one sets their page. Their tech people tell me that they can't base the percentage values on the open (which I don't believe for a minute). Of course it is easy to look at open prices, BUT their lists (by showing many entries based on closing price) omit the important (TO ME) stocks symbols.This means I have to then go through too many pages, while some stocks are moving right past them (AND ME). I think TraderBot is a good service, but to me, this is a great big negative. And they have never said they will change it. Thanks anyway for your effort.
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    can't you run a screen at, say 10:00, which asks for % gainers in the last 30 minutes? (or maybe the last 29 min)

    my subscription to traderbot just expired so i can't verify this, but I am certain that you could do this because I created many screens similar to this. Only I did not use them on open - the screens I used looked for NASD gainers in the last 20 min with 5<price<30 ... I used them mid-day or later
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    Realtick does NOT provide a gap up/down screen

    unfortunately :(
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    You could easily program RavenQuote to do it, I'm sure. I don't use it but I've read the manual.

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