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  1. Ok, I know I'm being lazy and should probably be finding this out with no assistance...but: what retail firms offer per-share pricing for equities. I know IB seems to be the pre-eminent name here, but is there anyone else who has a good trading platform, reasonably fast execution, and good rates?

    A friend of mine was trading prop, but he just can't devote the time necessary to make the fees, etc worthwhile. He's a pretty good trader, but he is mainly using etrade for brokerage/ira $$ trading. They are ok for position trading but kind of clunky for intraday trading.

    Speaking of IB, how good are the fills using their smart-router. the bundled rate looks pretty good to me, but not sure about their platform either when it comes to getting orders in/out quickly.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Genesis/Assent

    Best two platforms out there and they have low competitive rates. Check them both out and do your own DD.
  3. Unfortunately, ( as you pointed out on Friday ) it doesn't sound as though GENESIS is very good at communicating to people ahead of time when they are closing their office "early", let alone why.
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    Go 4 Laser, u wont regret it for sure!!
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    What kind of a rate can i get from them . I currently trade 50k shares a day.
  7. you scum assent shill, that's not true.

    Actually, Genesis was SO NICE that even though the guys at their head office had no idea who the hell I was while I was bothering them when they were trying to trade at 9:40 when I walked in, they still let me sit down at a terminal and trade when I explained my situation. I guess you'll now try to spin that as irresponsible of them "oh, so they just let anyone walk into their office and use a computer? what if you were a network hacker."

    The problem that day was with my sub, which has since worked out a deal to compensate me for that day, given me an office key, apologize profusely, and hired a new secretary... they also give me a better rate than you're probably paying for your entire group's 10 digit volume.

    It's sad the way you have to resort to lies to sell your platform. I thought after the SEC fucked TUCO you were supposed to lay low with the scammer sales tactics.

    Landis82, tell me why none of my friends who trade on ANVIL can see the NDAQ ecn, even though a huge amount of legitimate size block orders come in on that ECN?

    I don't understand why you can't resort to honesty to sell your platform and group/service. Anvil is a good fucking platform. If I didn't save $1500/month using Laser, which looks a little less pretty but does the same damned thing, I would use Anvil. I would even say Anvil is the best platform out there, but a few months ago many of my assent friends were getting constant stuck quotes. One of them posted here, and you were lying claiming that the problem was on their end when you damned well knew that Assent didn't have their shit together at that moment in time. Last I heard, Anvil people are happy, and it's a great platform. I KNOW, Laser had that problem as well, before I joined with stuck Arcas, and once that was fixed it's been smooth ever since.


    I wouldn't use lightspeed because they'll charge higher rates than Laser, about the same as Assent, and it's a significantly inferior platform in all regards. You don't see all ecns, when you load a stock you are limited to a few prints in the T&S history, they have no efficient proactive order routing, you're limited to 8 deep on the ECN, and data servers go down sometimes while you're trading at 10:30.

    Go with Anvil or Laser, if you go with Anvil don't go through Landis82's sub llc becuase he's a scumbag.
  8. lets face it landis. you work for dell.

    and i agree, anvil is probably the best out there when its actually working correctly.

    between laser and anvil, all things being equal i'd take anvil any day of the week. pretty big if though.
  9. Cant say enough good things about Genesis. Would not use anything other then Laser. Good people, good serivce and thats all I got to say.