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Discussion in 'Trading' started by SH6, Sep 20, 2002.

  1. SH6


    Has anyone heard anything about MB offering a per share price structure? ALso, anyone familiar with their software, is it worth considering if they do this, as I am contemplating going to per share fee and looking into my options.

    I have already looked at IB and Tradestation, but just want more options before taking a plunge. I have heard good things about their "Navigator" but have not downloaded their demo yet.

    SH :)
  2. richk


    point direx is also offering per share fee?

    MB Trading has basic ticket fee.
  3. SH6


    Right, that's what they offer now. I heard rumor about them offering a choice of per share or per ticket. If so, I would be interested in checking them out.

  4. Steve72


    did you hear this rumor? Did the person who told you have anything to do with MB?
  5. about freakin' time (if it's true)
  6. SH6


    Actually yes, but he wrapped up the conversation rather quickly so I didn't understand if he leaked it accidentally or they were just contemplating moving to this.

  7. SH6


    Looks like MB moved into their new price structure, offering two options now, price per share and flat fee!