Per capita debt burden according to CIA world factbook

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  1. "External debt" is defined as the total public and private debt owed to nonresidents repayable in foreign currency, goods, or services

    US : 42.343 USD

    UK : 174.167 USD

    Germany : 54.604 USD

    Ireland : 448.032 USD

    China : 271 USD

    Now, you tell me why the GBP is worth 1.5906 USD ! LOL !
  2. Statistics are like bikini's.

    They show alot but nothing important.
  3. When you show total debt, the stats change significantly.
  4. Debt as a simple number without any context says nothing anyways.

    The world's least indebted nations according to the CIA factbook.

    1 Oman
    2 Libya
    3 Estonia
    4 Chile
    5 Botswana
    6 Azerbaijan
    7 Wallis and Futuna
    8 Qatar
    9 Russia
    10 Luxembourg
    11 Kuwait
    12 Angola
    13 Kazakhstan
    14 Equatorial Guinea
    15 Ukraine
    16 Lithuania
    17 Cameroon
    18 Nigeria
    19 Saudi Arabia
    20 Uzbekistan

    Boy, these places must be booming as we speak.

    I can't wait to go and live in Botswana and escape from the debt loaded first world turning into thirld world west.
  5. Money always travels to where the people that look rich are.

    For instance...Who would you rather do business with? The guy that owns a ferrari who has a $300k loan that he still owes on it(and has no way of paying it back), or the guy that fully outright owns his 1974 pinto.