People with disabilities awaiting SSDI benefits

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  1. "For 2011 overall, nearly 2.88 million people filed disability claims, compared with nearly 2.94 million applicants in 2010, a decrease of 1.98 percent year to year. However, nearly 1.8 million SSDI claims are pending with an average cumulative wait time of more than 800 days, according to Allsup's analysis of the Social Security disability backlog."


    Fwiw, with the aging boomer population and people over 50 at risk of a medical diagnosis where they are unable to continue working. The situation could be made worse if you are unemployed in the months before becoming disabled and find you aren't eligible because you do not have enough work credits to qualify.

    So you are out of a job and do not qualify for benefits, you are screwed.
  2. Should I preemptively file now for that unfortunate day where my PnL is not so hot?
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    it's all over the place..postponed payments,benefits..whatever comes from gvt is delayed now..(which is good thing imo). every time i was in the russian supermarket(in US)-i'm only one(typically out of five on front of me)who is paying either cash or CC. everyone else is using a food stamps. and those people ain't's about time to cut the f** least from free riders..they should done this like 20 years ago..the only problem is that i prefer to see this FROM THE GVT(aka public servants) themselves first. then-citizens.nope..not a chance..
  4. My cousin is one of those ones awaiting benefits. He broke his back in a motorcycle accident. Meanwhile, his wife has left him. What would you say to him?
  5. One of the bigger problems is that we have so much damn fraud in the system that the truly disabled get f'd by the number of perma-fraudsters that look for any scheme they can think of to get on the government dole.

    There is so much "slippage" in the way in which fraud is ferretted out of a system as complex as ours that we've long surpassed the tipping point whereby anybody can be made whole with all of this bullshit.

    Then go ahead and look at some of the most indebted states and the kind of crap they are pulling. I've seen reports that Illinois still owes an untold amount of money in tax refunds to businesses that paid their estimated taxes and wound up getting screwed. Or the number of businesses that do business with the state that are owed payment for work done a few years ago.

    But none of it is news any longer. That's the biggest danger in this current environment...that at some point we become "shock resistant" and our new "normalcy bias" becomes a quasi-third world type of standard. IMO, we're already there in many regards.
  6. Hmnnnn. I wonder when we'll have elected officials at the local and state level who are collecting food stamp benefits.
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    This is only the beginning. The elderly, sick, disabled and poor will be amongst the first to get smoked when the debt bomb finally explodes, a la Greece. There's no way around it. Medicare/aid and SS is done for. Rationing is on it's way. The best we can do is get Ron Paul elected. If not, make enough to take care of our own. Soon, it'll be every family for themselves.
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    I would say it's up to you and your family to take care of him. The system is plagued by fraud, and nearly insolvent. What can you do?
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    In a sick way, it's justice. The Charltons who sold our jobs to China and hung a milestone of debt around the country were voted in largely by idiot Boomers, who will soon pay the ultimate price for their naivete and greed. Karma.
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    "quasi-third world type of standard."
    it was not quite a long time ago that a moderator decided to act like a clown by moving one of my threads from economics to chit chat. the thread was moved because the subject was about the US sinking to third world status and becoming bankrupt like Argentina during its fiscal crisis.
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