People with degrees making 13 bucks an hour

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  1. Dream on..........
  2. Meh, don't confuse having a degree with having marketable skills.
  3. Why not? IF we get 1970 wages, prices will have to drop to 1970 price points.

    13 bucks an hour with a 4 year degree means a regression to the past.
  4. auspiv


    People need to stop getting fucking dumb degrees where they'll be making shit after graduating with a boat-load of debt, which will take forever to pay off.

    Psychology, sociology, history, asian art, the list goes on and on..
  5. Oh really? Is that how it works?

  6. +1
  7. In '64 I had a high paying engineering job and If I was making 26k, I would have thought that I had died and gone to heaven. But houses in DC that I looked at and couldn't afford were 45k.
  8. And you should go back to school and learn about the advantages of freedom of speech and the early warning signals it can provide Imao ( what does it mean Imao ?? )
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