people who trade futures are extremely dumb...

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  1. espically if they trade directional

    thats all
  2. 60/40 tax rule sucks! :eek:
  3. Bold statement.
  4. another OP(loser) who can't trade, what a surprise
  5. why?

  6. I heartily cuntcurr. I loathe my very essence when I wake up in the morning. Especially when it manifests itself as slimy pecker tracks on my sheets. Where do the snails that make them hide during the day? But what is a loathesome directional futures trader to do? He is unfit to make a living any other way. Last night I bought two cases of Domaine Carneros aught-6 for $15.99 at a wine tasting (more like a guzzling) at Mr. G's with yesterdays ill-begotten directional futures gains. And I am working on the second bottail as I tripe this message. Ill trading to you all!
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    let me reprised that. the people who trade futures less than $50K is dumb. the people who trade futures less than $10K is dumber. the people who trade future less than $5K is dummy. finally, the people who trade futures open an account $2000 is dummiest. I have seen brokerages offers to open a MINIMUM $2000 ACCOUNT
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    people who think you need more than $50k to succesfully trade futures don't know how to trade. people who start with $2K and grow it to $50k know how to trade. its a matter of skill that makes the difference not how much you start with.
  9. I spent a lot of money for years refunding my account to keep it at $2K. So I must disrespectfully agree. But at the time I thought it was better than refunding it to $50K.

  10. I disagree, it all is a matter of risk and discipline.

    The person who starts with 50k and risks $10,000 per trade because they think they have a safety net is the dumbest compared to those who start with $5,000 and risk $100 per trade.

    More money in your account means nothing if you don't respect the leverage.
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