people who sold at the bottom last year must be pissed.

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  1. All those people who sold at the bottom and missed this huge rally must be pissed. I bet they will wait till the dow hits 14K again and then they will buy once more.

    And they will sell again when it hits another bottom.

    I noticed that investors always want to buy at the most expensive and sell at the lowest.

    You do not see people rushing to buy tv sets if they increase the price, but they sure rush to the stores on black friday.

    why dont people rush to stocks on black stock friday sales?
  2. Because you can't lose your life savings buying an under or overpriced TV. Investors invest when they feel their money is safe, not typically because of price.
  3. "people who sold at the bottom last year must be pissed."

    Your statement is a hindsight statement. The mkt didn't actually hit zero now did it?
  4. People sell assets when they <em>have to</em> not when they <em>want to</em>.
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    Emotionally, it's a very hard thing to do but one should buy the market when one feels absotetely the worst about it.
  6. all those who sold at bottom won't return ever

    they're disgusted with this casino and 2 subsequent bubbles in 7 years

    look at volume - retail left forever
  7. no one sold at the bottom, they sold just before the bottom

    and anyone who studied my April prediction has happily ridden this easiest of all markets all the way up.
  8. S&P is not going to 0
  9. They always say that. People always come back, you will see.

    Remember this?

  10. A bottom is only a bottom after the fact...unless its the actual bottom!

    you make it seem like people KNEW it was the bottom and sold anyways....plenty of room for the mkt to go even lower than what turned out to be the bottom.

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