People who shot down Chinook killed

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  2. Why didn't they send in an F-16 the first time, instead of getting lured into a taliban trap?

    Obviously, they were overly worried about "civilian" casualties in an area that is heavily taliban to begin with.

    We are prosecuting this war the same way the brits are handling the riots and looting.

    And really, isn't it about time to relieve and fire the brass that get routinely outsmarted by goat herders? The only reason this incident made the news was that it was Seal Team Six, but our troops are constantly sent out into ambushes, etc.
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    It would be nice if they really did, but this war and the Iraq war have been filled with so many lies, why would now be any different. I simply do not buy anything they tell me.

    The war in Afganistan is a joke at this point. If a group of people is determined to live in the 7th century, then let them live in the 7th century. Does anybody really know what the US is doing there? I don't think anyone has a freaking clue, including Obama.
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    Agree. Obama ridiculed Bush for this war and *promised* to end it. Why are we still there?
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    It's the OPIUM stupid!
  7. its about saving face. the people, including the dems, in power dont want to be accused of being weak so its on auto pilot. no one with the ability has the courage to make it stop.
    bush used to assure the families of the troops killed that their son did not die in vain. what a sick joke that was. at least i havent heard obama use that line yet.
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