People who enjoy teaching other traders, strange but true.

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  1. elohio


    I have few friends who I share information with, but rarely do I get information from them.

    I was tempted many times to just spell out answers here on ET, for all you wanabies and traders alike and I stopped myself on time.

    What I am pointing out is that, if only we didn’t live in such a competitive world, answers would be forthcoming about every aspect of life you can imagine.

    But even those of us who would really enjoy pointing out our brilliance etc. Well the reality is we would just end up hurting ourselves in the long run.

    So there you go, because of that you are scratching your head left and right, continuing to seek answers at elite trader site and hoping you are not in the 95% who ultimately fail.

    Well it sucks to live in world of scarce resources.

    The illuminated one (that likes to act, 11th nick name)

    Signing out.
  2. The Buckeye,

    Thanks for everything!

    Love You,

  3. elohio


    hell, I'll give you this which should be enough

    if it isn't big its small
  4. Self-descriptive comparison of dysfunction?
  5. No one can blame you for not revealing your great accumulated wisdom.

    On the other hand, you might just be a self deluded psycho on an ego trip.

    Since nothing is revealed, nothing is revealed.
  6. elohio


    well aren't you a smart ass infoload

    how much are you worth boy

    I bet you don't have more than 50- 100 k

    yet soooo smart
  7. elohio


    actually what is revealed is the fact that all our lives would be much better if we weren't such a competitive species

    if we valued cooperating far more.

    answers to all kinds of things would be available from all kinds of sources

    that is my point.
  8. clacy


    Typically people that are worth a lot, aren't insecure enough to play the "how much are you worth?" question right off the bat.
  9. That is unarguable logic :D
  10. elohio


    hey clacy we are not all school educated

    some of us graduated from the hood

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