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  1. Hello all,

    I've recently started trading and can't help but notice the effect Jim Cramer has on the market. I'm not quite sure yet whether I belive he's crazy or a savvy wizard of the markets. What can't be argued, however, is that the market responds to his views (even if the reaction may be short-lived). Reactions to his recommendations on Mad Money are ridiculous, but his affect on the market doesn't stop there. He issues intraday alerts by email (Action Alerts Plus) that also move the market.

    I'm curious to know if anyone knows of other such people or services that the market listens and reacts to like Cramer. Anyway email alerts that actually move the market? Any people whose mere comments can send a stock up 1% or more in under a minute?

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  2. Fact is... anyone with enough $$$ can move the markets. If a service is very popular and a lot of people use it, like "Mad Money", then a ton of market participants can come in and move that market.

    Penny stocks are a great example. Another forum *which I won't list, don't think I can advertise that*, does this every day, they have a bunch of nut cases who pump up penny stocks, and they basically screw each other out of the money. Whoever is fast enough to act wins on that deal it seems.

    Just made me realize how Jim Cramer can make all the money he wants by pumping up any stock he wants for his trust fund.

    Amazing stuff, but why do you care. Do you want to make easy money by joining a group who will move the market in your favor?

    Trust me, not gonna happen. Maybe you can jump on the Mad Money bandwagon, but not sure.
  3. 1%? Try 10-20 %.

    It's all about a very well known market force.


    Let's see if anyone knows what that is.
  4. The FED.
  5. Stock777, did you mean GFT - Greater Fool Theory?
  6. Although I'm known for having been bullish on stocks for quite some time, I've also established bearish positions on some companies with put options; and one of them recently brought my attention to the Cramer effect. My July puts on CIEN were doing fine until, inexplicably the stock bounced while general indices were still correcting and the only related event at the time was a <i>buy</i> recommendation by Cramer.