People that burn tires.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by peilthetraveler, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. Classic! Whenever you see these people burning their tires it almost makes you wish this would happen everytime. Thats a nice truck too and you can bet an expensive lesson to not act like a clown anymore.

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  2. Holy shit man, that guy could have easily been killed.
  3. aegis


    I've always thought fast pickup trucks were rather pointless.
  4. ElCubano


    "did I pop the tires"... lol. no, but you popped the top of your truck...:D
  5. maxpi


    I hope his dad sees that video !!

    About a week ago I was riding with a girl about his age, she doesn't understand car maintenance, her tires were entirely shot, I didn't know this.. we blew a tire, on a Friday night, freeway at 75mph in the middle of a lot of traffic, we slewed to the right a little, she hit the brakes, we then did a 180 to the left and wound up backing off the freeway a couple of lanes to the right of us and parked perfectly parallel to the right lane... but facing the wrong way... nobody hit us, I have no idea what they all did, I was sort of not focusing on anything in particular except I though we were going to roll... it was hours before we really calmed down and relaxed, we spent the weekend reevaluating our religious perspectives :D
  6. Idiot didn't when to lay off the gas. You don't burnout all the way down the street. What a loser.