people still listen to this guy?

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  1. Harry Dent's latest special report, "What Happened on the Way to the Roaring 2000's?" Let me quote:

    "Just as the "tech wreck" in the newly emerging auto industry was a golden opportunity for investors 80 years ago, today's investors have the greatest buying opportunity of this entire economic boom, perhaps of a lifetime, right now...Our most likely forecast shows that the NASDAQ could reach 13,000-14,500 by the top of this boom, 6 or 7 years from now, which is more than ten times from its low of 1114 in October 2002." (
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    ...Japanese have made it clear they want the yen to drop from 117 to 140 (and some credible figures suggest 160). They are pulling out the stops to make such a move happen. ..

    short the yen?
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    Why short the yen when you can short the US dollar against another currency instead? Just as the BOJ is "pulling out the stops to make such a move happen", Bush and Greenspan are doing the same to devalue the US Dollar.

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    That's about 35% per year growth, could happen I guess. Once things start moving people toss off reason like a bad habit. I got so tired of those bleating "voices of reason" during the last boom. talking about "nosebleed prices" when the Dow was at 4000, etc.

    If it would end in another "tulip" blowoff with a couple of annual 60% increases it would only need to grow at 25% per year for 5 years. Considering how far down it is from the former peak that seems doable.

    I wasn't prepared for the last boom, hope I can get it right this next time.

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    Top of the heap, of course :D

  7. NASDAQ? 13,000 - 14,500 in 6 or 7 years? I hope Mr. Dent has flight insurance.