People Ringing Doorbells After Midnight

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  1. Suburb of Orlando. Someone rang my doorbell around 1:15am tonight. "It's an Emergency, I'm a Neighbor of yours, I live off of some main road nearby, Need $15 Gas money to get to my mothers house....It's An Emergency. God Bless.."

    Can I call someone for you ? "No...."

    Did not open the door, didn't recognize him. Called the cops. Almost the same exact thing happened to my brother in another state just a few months ago. In his case the guy didn't have a cell phone, money for gas, etc, etc, really in a bind. Didn't want him to call anyone but wanted to come inside to use the phone or get a ride from my brother. This was in a suburb of Atlanta at midnight. Can't remember all the details but my brother called the cops also.

    Just wondering if this kind of thing is happening to anyone else? Both seemed to want us to open up our doors late at night to total strangers w/ very unbelievable stories. Seems like a hard way to make $15. The cops came pretty quick and didn't find him so I assume he drove away.
  2. Similiar, not the same.
    Bout 12pm one night, 'bout to hit the sack, only television light in the house-dont know how they found the place-(country house) i ducked outside for a slash, reefing the door open and hitting my maglite on at the same time.
    Holy crap, i shine it straight in someones face, i scared the crap out of him.
    He claims he and his buds ran out of fuel down the road, did i have any?

    Well i did, i figured nobody would be that retarded to pull any stunt by themselves, (not after i had basically ambushed the guy physically, or so he must have thought) sure enough, car full of people a km away, harmless.

    Was a bit annoyed, they asked for money to- given the amount of petrol i gave them probably wasn't enough to get to the nearest open service station.

    Gave them some shrapnel anyway, (the country, you know) didn't seem possible they could have been any more than just stupid and badly organised.
  3. I have a very long driveway and very secluded. I open the door to let the dog out about 5:30 in the morning and there is two kids that had just gotten out of their car standing right in front of me. I didn't even hear the car doors close shut.

    I asked them what they were doing and they said "I noticed you have your house for sale and we are looking at it." (It was listed with a realtor.) wtf?

    The cops came and they stuck to their story, paper work on them checked out ok. Cops asked me what I want to do. I told them I have an alarm (which I do) and do not come back. Never saw them again.

    I took the for sale sign down.
  4. Just crack the door open a bit (you need a very heavy duty safety chain), jack a round in the 9 MM (NEVER keep one in the chamber!) and poke it in the crack. If those bro's don't start runnin' they might be legit...

    BTW went to UCF circa '76. Back then it was called Fla Tech U.