People resorting to eating their pets.

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  1. You know shit is bad when people start cooking fluffy.

  2. My great grandfather came in the second world war (1944, The Netherlands) home before Christmas with a "rabbit" for Christmas dinner. Everyone was starving and meat was not to be had.....

    He did not eat, he wanted the kids and the wife to have it all "to get their strengths up".

    Early in January questions started to come about: if anyone had seen the cat....

  3. When I was a kid, we had a cat named Fluffy. White cat with a blue eye and a green eye. One day, it disappeared. The next day we had some weird tasting chicken like meat for dinner. Made me wonder. Especially since my mom's dad fed her family their pet goat when she was a kid. He didn't tell them until after they had ate dinner. My mom is still mad about it to this day.
  4. Well, whaddya gonna do.
    Knew someone had a big pet rabbit, vanished one day.
    Vietnamese family next door, and no shit, they left the carcass on the fence.

    What for??Soup???That shit might fly in vietnam, maybe they thought it was a housewarming present, but nope, a childs pet.

    They fucking jumped the fence, grabbed it, and fucking ate it.

    Guess what, it flies in western countries to, because everyone was to chicken shit to even report it.

  5. real story and made the papers: a couple went on holiday to Singapore and took their poodle with them. Did not speak the language, and the cook was non-english speaking and from China. They pointed to the menu for what they wanted and then they pointed to their poodle and the menu to try to get the cook to give the dog some food. Cook took the poodle with him.

    Food took a long time coming and when it came it was their cooked poodle being served....

    don't think they did enjoy much of their holiday after that...

  6. Man, that’s awful… and I love dogs (poodles not so much) but that’s one of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard. I had to eat a pet of mine once, I was about ten when my mother brought a chicken home, I remember it was white… she was a member of I don’t remember which postmodern religion, and as a cleansing ritual of some sort she had to kill and eat a white chicken. The thing is, the chicken was with me for about 10 days, I used to feed her all the time… till one day, my mother just came, twisted her neck, put her upside down for all the blood to come out, submerge her in boiling water, plucked her feathers out and cooked her. It was delicious though.
  7. Eating is wierd.

    Many asian countries do what westerners would regard as bloody horrific things to animals, before, during, and often after there bloody and presumably painful slaughter.
    Koreans beating live dogs to tenderise them, before "processing", turtle soup, (treated as a shellfish, cooked up live) all sorts of things.

    Is it much worse than force feeding geese for foi gras? (not that anyone but the uber wealthy eat it) Or japanese style cattle feedlots...(not that they dont do that, because it tastes more like whale meat:) or battery hens.

    It's a tough thing for someone who hasn't grown up with slaughter to deal with, i think.
    Ive only prepared and eaten a couple of rabbits, just to establish it was possible, and get the bladework down pat.
    But it sucked.
    It was messy, finicky work, took a long time, and wasn't a great dish ultimately.

    Conversely, im happy to have a subway with turkey, chicken, ham, beef, and i dont mind a BBQ, just quietly.
    Am i a hypocrite?
  8. Unless you were royality, the idea of an animal as a "pet" is very modern.

    Animals are on earth to be eaten by something.
  9. So who is supposed to eat you?
  10. I hate poodles. I would have loved to have tried it.

    Especially since it was a foo foo, pampered pet.
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