People Of Earth Do Not Panic

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  1. Our visions of the market are being realized. The phones here are ringing off the hook. As the Head Of International Trading & Herb Trimming & Consumption ITHTC for StonedInvesting Inc. I of course occasionally watch the TV. I see we are down a lot and some of you portfolio holders are starting to get cold feet. This is not the end. I believe the Chinese are behind this sell off. I tried to create a portfolio that would insulate somewhat investors it was carefully put together at the time to avoid some booby traps like semis and transports etc. The folks who help me run some personal funds had called me just before this recent swoon and asked if I wanted to sell anything. How did they know? And if they did this cannot be the big one. I think we still retake the highs and perhaps with less sexy momo stocks another area I tried to avoid. Alright lets take a peek in at the portfolio.

    June 21 start date* All stocks except SPOT purchased within three days of that date


    IRDM. - Satellite Compamy/ Communications- Comment. Big winner bought at $16.35 screamed to $22+ now back at $19.00 Still a 1 year hold in my view.

    URGN. - Israel Biotech that specializes in novel therapies for urological pathologies. Big Loser Bought at $52. $43 today. I don't know why not sure what to do. You won't hear that a lot from your money manager.

    TGODF.- The Green Organic Dutchman/ Canadian Pot stock- Very pissed at the Dutchman as we don't appear to be going anywhere and are essentially flat where we bought it. Beverage angle here still not appreciated by the market.

    VRNT. - This company is hard to describe. Bought at $44.50 now $44.89 Great base I guess..

    SNY. - Sony all things gaming and Entertainment. Sony has been a good call. $49 purchase Now $56.

    GWPH.- This stock should be $50 higher NEXT month.... Or ten dollars down! $150-$140 Boo! Not Giving up.

    WPC. - I'm a REIT. I have a very reliable and large dividend & my stk price goes up.
    $65-$63 It's been steady in a rising rate environment. I have another lot at $61 I'm comfortable with this name.

    SPOT.- Recent music stream IPO I'm sure you all already know. $149 now I actually lost track of my purchase price I bought it on it's IPO day...

    Obviously some of you are alarmed that the huge winners that you are used to don't appear to be here but it's a delicate game and the idea was to hold for a year. A lot of flat and only three winners. 2 losers. I feel bad. But the game is not over.

    New Ideas I have a few)

    A) EDIT They won the court case and now seem ready to be purchased Price $26-$27.

    B) CRSP The Best Of Breed seems up the aftermarket with FDA news- $41.00

    C) AMRN Yea the fish oil guys. Played this name ages ago can't believe they were right all along. Yea they paid for the study so what. More good news coming out Nov 10.

    (Biotech a risky bet timing wise... End of month best.)

    D) TAP- Is Molson good beer? No. They are getting into the Marijuana drink game and that might be good. Stock seems very cheap.

    E) APHQF- This pot stock has done really well. It was my other idea to The Dutchamn (of course)

    F) Upcoming IPO NGM Bio They are in the NASH end of the bio arena that has to do with the liver. I'm actually nervous I have this NASH-) NASHis a liver disease that results from consuming a high-calorie diet and living a sedentary lifestyle.

    G) NIO- Chinese TESLA like Co. Have a strong hunch a stock like this would benefit from forced Chinese selling in the US.

    Worst Losing Streak In 2 Years for the stock market! Do Not Despair! A UFO landed in Africa and a whole bunch of school children saw it. They drew pictures and they all looked the same. There was a little man. I saw this on on TV on that show where the guy is looking for gold all the time and weird Mayan and Egyptian stuff. I am positive now that UFO's are for real. I was before. But more so now all those kids saw the same thing-a mass hallucination? I don't think so.

    Well back to laying around and watching The Office pretending to make you guys money. Remember this is an old fashioned, old person race not a a sprint. I have never had a disappointing ET Portfolio when I post here and I'm not about to start now.~stoney
  2. I like the way you think. The are some good picks in there. Livermore was right about allot of things that are still true in the present. I usually jist aviod the 3F's (Fad, fashion and finance). You are spot on. Here is a blast from the past. .

  3. "I believe that many people underestimate the possibility of higher inflation and wages, which means they might be underestimating the chance that the Federal Reserve may have to raise rates faster than we all think," Dimon wrote in the 47-page missive.

    Is that all this correction was about? I don't think so. Fear of tariffs and more specifically fear of tariffs being used as an earnings miss excuse upcoming I think that plays into things here especially in tech. At these market levels I don't think forgiveness will be in the air. It seems a bit fast though fir these tariffs to directly subtract from business and just when they do-- Trump will strike a bunch of deals. It is temporary I feel... but anyone who does international business know that when people leave you and make temporary other friends they tend to stay with them even when you come crawling back. So it is a dangerous game we are playing with China.

    And I think some forced selling is coming directly from China. Bringing home cash now is being discouraged at the Chinese airports and holding US equities cannot be far behind. If we tick China off enough what if they just don't show up for a bond sale? -- There's the interest rate angle we owe so much debt these interest rates matter like heck. So Jamie Diamond and others who act like this is a regular rate rise scenario with a roaring economy it isn't. You can match up debt and the amount we borrow directly against this new growth and they match perfectly.

    The rally was too narrow that we can say for sure. After this shakeout if we can roar back with a broader advance everyone will be happy. " I don't know if that's a safe assumption or not..."

    Give a listen to this-- The way the air traffic controller responds... Listen to the pilot This just happened over Long Island and someone told me there were mysterious lights somewhere else in NYS. Are they back?

    Let The Trading Week Begin. Up Up Up.~stoney
  4. I want to add a focus stock for this week DXCM- Something about this diabetes play I have always liked yet it is a controversial name and every time I'm about to buy it someone comes out with a blast piece negative. These guys help you monitor your blood through a variety of ways and some of it is very hack- worthy I worry about security but some of it is quite common sense brilliant. It's been pretty firm in a messy tape. MASI is another interesting name in this side part of health/tech. Wireless tech / health cell phones, etc. They monitor other non-diabetes stuff.




    This is where I think we should start looking Mon. Two of the three are earnings plays that should be upside surprises. Could somebody claim they are having a shortage of components because of China/ US relations?? CRSP is the pure play on hope. And hope lives in a place where tariffs can't hurt a thing.