People need Vitamin D a hell of a lot more than they need a Covid-19 vaccine

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by FortuneTeller, Jul 31, 2020.

  2. Dr. Ben Lynch

    I know you want me to continue talking about COVID.

    I’ve been struggling with what to say as it’s mostly negative or counter what you’re hearing on the news.

    Negativity doesn’t help. Suppresses your immune system.

    Turn off the news removes the need for me to counter what you’re hearing. So that’s easy.

    The COVID vaccine isn’t a solution and I’ll say more on this later. Preparing research to support my point.

    If you want more COVID information, check my IGTV and Facebook videos.

    It’s not good for you or me to continue wallowing in COVID hysteria.

    I urge you to THINK vs just blindly accept any information you hear. We’re all being played to some extent.

    I don’t like being played. Makes me mad and frustrated.

    The biggest power you have is ignoring the hype, stop talking about it, turn off the news and engage in real life activities with friends and loved ones.
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