People need to know the truth about Lincoln

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  1. I get tired of people endlessly parroting the propaganda about the American Saint.

    1)If you support the notions described in The Declaration of Independence you need to educate yourself on abe.

    2) If you admire the wisdom of the founding fathers especially Jefferson, you need to educate yourself on abe's real agenda.

    3) If the politically correct version of the Civil War sounds a little too convenient then you need to educate yourself about the real underlying conflict leading to our nations bloodiest conflict.

    3a) How come the US was the only country in the civilized word that required a massive war to enact Abolitionism?

    For those who seek to dispense with the propaganda, I recommend

    The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War [Hardcover]
    Thomas DiLorenzo (Author)

    unrelated but another excellent and less controversial book:
    How Capitalism Saved America: The Untold History of Our Country, from the Pilgrims to the Present.
    Thomas DiLorenzo (Author)
  2. There are a bunch of dumbass right wingers on this site that thinks that Abe was a current day Republican/Conservative

    I know Abe was a leftist,and he's my favorite president.We could use Abe today to once again kick the shit out of the racist southern right wingers
  3. No, abe was a republican. Abe was very much like the big government neocons of today. He was not "left wing" by any stretch of the imagination. He was also a southerner. He was a southern repubican from Kentucky.

  4. You have a lot to learn.You can read the book that index referenced as a start
  5. Our founding fathers wanted a strong national government thats why they switched to the constitution from the articles of the confederation

    Letting states secede would have been the biggest insult to the founding fathers
  6. Hmm memberships once you join you cannot withdraw from except by pain of death.

    warsaw pact, Gestapo, the mob, The SS,Islam

    I'm sure I missed a lot, but intelligent readers will get my drift.
  7. The political problems leading to the War of Northern Aggression are essentially still with us today.

    Jeffersonian Patriots need to reassert themselves at the ballot box.

    1)Just like the doomed in every war, you seem anxious to re-fight the past one. :D
  8. WWII was our nations bloodiest conflict. There were 600k deaths during the civil war and 400k deaths during WWII, but in the civil war, 400k soldiers died to disease like chicken pox and malaria. So technically the civil war was not our "bloodiest" war since only 200k died in battle.
  9. The founding fathers that you referred to made it that way
  10. Northern aggression ? You've got to be kidding

    The south were domestic terrorists who tried to steal goverment land and attacked a United States military base

    Jefferson Davis,Robert Lee and all the rest of them should have been be headed
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