People leave groceries at the check out

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  1. The Average tubby American should leave a few things at the checkout counter.
    Lose some weight you chunky Mafakas!
  2. Ashley Nichols Guttuso of Midlothian, Va., dumped a red cardigan last week at the counter at the local Limited store after she found out she couldn't use a $15 store coupon on the $15 sweater.

    Guttoso says she could have afforded it, but she has focused on necessities since losing her job as a copywriter for Circuit City in January, as the chain was preparing to go out of business

    She says she could've afforded it yet she hasnt worked in 8 months? Psshh.
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    Last time I was at the check out the person ahead of me had approx. $275 worth of groceries, they whipped out the food stamp credit card and swiped away.
  4. You folks need to stop looking for every pebble of anecdotal evidence the economy is doing poorly. You won't make any money that way.
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    The economy is doing poorly, take a ride to your local mall and see how many stores have discounts, I did and noticed about 90% of them had discounts as high as 70% off, take a nice evening stroll down a nice busy commercial area where businesses were once booming and look how much retail space is available, im tired of hearing how great the economy is.
  6. Then you must really be tired of hearing about the stock market being up 50% this year.

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    yea, still wondering how that was possible.....

    oh yea that's right, manipulation.
  8. You think "manipulation," doesn't accrue in ones account? Think it doesn't spend?


    The naivete on this board is stunning.

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