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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Brandonf, Mar 28, 2003.

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  2. interesting this true? What I mean is, is this a legitimate conversion or is this a propaganda piece? I've seen so much on the other side that I cant help but wonder if this is not propaganda for the war...I have heard sever similar stories on the radio though.
  3. Babak


    TM, not only is this true but the sentiment that is expressed by the Iraqi people in hushed voices is the same that is shared in Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, etc.

    Who doesn't want freedom? who doesn't want a better future for their children? who doesn't want the simple joy of being able to live as they choose?

    There is so much injustice in the world. There is so much suffering. It makes me choke inside.
  4. it was a fairly mild piece. I have heard horror stories that are too vile to repeat. No reason to think it isn't true, all he said was that there are people in Iraq who want freedom from Sadam.
  5. BABAk

    There are also so many articles ( mostly from MSFE) which claim this or that and other garbage that I have to wonder if the other side is doing it too....but I heard a very similiar story from a guy the other day.....we shall see in the coming weeks I guess but I do know that alot of these so called "human Shileds left because they feared for their life from IRAQI's not BOMBS and the news is not giving it the coverage they should
  6. Never fear Babak, the brave American humanitarians will soon come to the rescue!

    (Nevermind that they willfully help create such suffering whenever it happens to suit their purposes...)

  7. Yeah the BRAVE Iraqi's over running little Kuwait, raping their woman and children and firing on their own civilians is true they are going door to door and making little kids take up arms or they kill the family....BRAVE.......I really do hope you choke on a chicken bone tonight
  8. Well TM, the last time I checked, I thought that war ended in '91.
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    yes, you are right. Already the UK's Sir Galahad is unloading 20 tonnes of aid. I hope that Baghdad falls faster rather than later so that more innocent lives can be saved.

    The Iraqis have seen so much suffering that they feel it is worth it to sacrifice themselves, even if it is one last hell, if it means deliverance for their future generations (read the article above).

    It is people like you who's idea of suffering is going without your favourite TV show for a week that have no idea what their plight is. The Iraqis are a warm, intelligent and cultured people. They have suffered enough.

    It is of no matter. Your mumblings will be washed away by history.
  10. Another of the moral high road hypocrites. It gets amusing after a while.

    Interesting. You have managed to deduce what my idea of suffering is from [what exactly?].
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