People in congress tied to obstruction probe, Flynn filings show

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    Here4money money's on Nunez or Jim Jordan. Somehow I feel like Lindsay is a survivor and turtle Mitch too cunning.

    Flynn told Mueller that people tied to Trump and Congress tried to obstruct probe
    The communications could have affected the ex-national security adviser's "willingness to cooperate," Robert Mueller wrote in court filings.

    Former national security adviser Michael Flynn told investigators that people linked to the Trump administration and Congress reached out to him in an effort to interfere in the Russia probe, according to newly-unredacted court papers filed Thursday.

    The court filing from special counsel Robert Mueller is believed to mark the first public acknowledgement that a person connected to Capitol Hill was suspected of engaging in an attempt to impede the investigation into Russian election interference.

    “The defendant informed the government of multiple instances, both before and after his guilty plea, where either he or his attorneys received communications from persons connected to the Administration or Congress that could’ve affected both his willingness to cooperate and the completeness of that cooperation,” the court papers say.

    Flynn even provided a voicemail recording of one such communication, the court papers say.

    Prosecutors did not identify any of the people who reached out to Flynn, but said the special counsel's office was in some instances "unaware of the outreach until being alerted to it by the defendant."

    No other details were provided in the filing, but the Mueller report noted that President Donald Trump's personal lawyer left a voicemail message for Flynn in late November 2017 that addressed the possibility of him cooperating with the government.

    "t wouldn't surprise me if you've gone on to make a deal with ... the government," the attorney said in the voicemail message, according to Mueller.

    f... there's information that implicates the President, then we've got a national security issue [so] ... we need some kind of heads up. Just for the sake of protecting all our interests if we can .... [R]emember what we've always said about the President and his feelings toward Flynn and, that still remains."

    In a separate court filing, Judge Emmet Sullivan ordered federal prosecutors to file a transcript of the voicemail message, as well as transcripts of any other recordings of Flynn including his conversations with Russian officials.

    Flynn's lawyer Robert Kelner did not immediately return a request for comment. The White House also did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    Two of Trump's personal lawyers, Rudy Giuliani and Jay Sekulow, said they never spoke with Flynn or his attorney.

    Flynn pleaded guilty in December 2017 to a charge of lying to the FBI about his conversations with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak in the weeks before Trump took office. He faces up to six months in prison. A judge has yet to set a sentencing date.

    Mueller's office had previously told the court that Flynn should receive little to no jail time due to his "substantial assistance" in the special counsel's investigation into Russian election interference.

    Mueller wrapped up the probe in March, concluding that there was no proof Trump or a member of his campaign conspired with Russia. But the special counsel declined to make a judgement on whether Trump obstructed justice.

    Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein determined that there was insufficient evidence to pursue the matter further.

  2. A lot of talk and tidbits flying around there, but unless I am mistaken, Mueller has completed his investigation. Did he find anything in all that juicy stuff that was actionable at the end of the day in regard to charging anyone for obstruction?

    Also, in regard to obstruction, I see that James Baker is talking now and he raised the same concern that I did long, long ago but was dismissed as tinfoil. And that is: Everyone has the alleged obstruction of Comey totally, totally wrong. Comey was not the victim in his white house meetings with Trump, he was the perpetrator. Comey knew he was about to be fired and he went to the white house and revealed- under the guise of briefing the president- that he had a complete dossier or dirty and salacious stuff on Trump- with the implied message that it could be handled carefully if all things go well.

    In the interview with Jame Baker, he stated the exact same concern and said that it was discussed in house in the FBI. He said he have grave concern that it could come across as appearing as J.Edgar Hoover who notoriously developed dirt on everyone in washington and then found a way and a reason to let them know that he had it, but would treat it carefully for their own good.

    So, James Baker is tinfoil now too. That would be James Baker who was chief counsel at the FBI. Frigging comey tried to shake Trump down to keep his job.

    interesting how for two years we got a daily update on who was allegedly going to flip or had flipped in the Mueller investigation but we get no updates or speculation in regard to who has flipped in the Dirty Cop Investigation. Let me tell ya something. Baker is the target of a criminal investigation - his own attorney confirmed that and informed congress of such and gave it as a reason why his client would not testify further. Baker is going to continue to be very, very "helpful" as we go along. Ditto for Lisa Page.

    Comey has to be sweating bullets knowing that his chief counsel is looking for a way out. Yeh, sure, Mr. Cool Cucumber up on Mount Olympus never sweats, because he knows it is all just tinfoil stuff going around. Uh huh. I am believing that.

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    You’re wrong. Mueller made 14 referrals, 12 of which are still not known. Obstruction from within congress certainly can be and most likely is one of the referrals.

    As to Baker, you went out of your way to tell me how he is not credible two days ago.
  4. As far as indictments against congress and all of that, I dont know about all the side players. The mueller report is about trump. Indictment on trump is not going to happen. I dont really know or care about all the bit players as a means of compensating for not getting trump.

    There are indictments out there, or at least grand jury proceedings, against obama administration officials too that are not fully known. We all know that the inspector general's report will take us to another level of understanding on all of that, and then the final action of prosecuting many of them will reveal much more. So let's just get on with that. Media articles at the time that the mueller report came out said that not only were there no further indictments but that existing indictments were known. Some may remember or can search if they want that when the report came out I said that I needed to know whether it included unrevealed indictments, and then a day or two later I posted saying that such and such an article reported that it included all, known and unknown. So if the reporting on that changed, then maybe it has changed. But as I said, I am interested in new information at this point. So let's get on with it.

    In regard to Baker I have consistently pointed out that he, page, comey, and mccabe are all scrambling and accusing each other of being liars, and, at no time, do I want to even want to venture a guess as to who the biggest liar in that group might be. That's a pretty tall task. But the good news is that he and the others are now in Durham's crosshairs. And I am more than satisfied that he can figure some it out. There is no penalty to these clowns lying on MNBC and CNN but dont try it with Durham. I am all set either way. If Baker is not a liar then his statements about both Comey and McCabe being involved with the dossier and the fisa set-up are true. And if he is lying, well then go right ahead and lie to Durham and we will see how to works out.

    As I said many times before, if you have to blow both of trumps legs off to get to Comey and Rice and the dirty cops, go for it so dont even both to talk to me about some piss ant congressional player who might have called Flynn to ask him how he is doing and tell him that Trump is wishing him well. If you got some case there, then take it to trial, and hang him out on the National Mall if he is convicted. Just keep moving against the dirty cops.
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    Tsing Tao

    The walls are closing in!
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    You do not know if Trump has been indicted. He is already named in a criminal filing as individual 1. MORE TO COME

    What you mean to say is as the president trump is insulated from facing criminal charges due to OLC guidance.
  7. I am saying that the goal of the mueller witch-hunt was to remove trump from office. Either through impeachment or conviction and that that is not going to happen. TOTAL FAIL THERE.

    If now you are moving over to a secondary or tertiary goal of seeing him indicted after he leaves office, fine, I dont have any interest in that and dont really care what happens to Trump after office. If you are playing for the booby prize now, I am probably not the best one to dialogue with on that. My interest is around the presidency and preserving the people's choice.

    And yes, the attorney general of new york has committed her life to getting trump one way or another. Fine. she isnt going to remove him from office unless it is by helping to get someone else elected.
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    You may want to re-read the Mueller mandate, if you ever did
  9. Oh, we know what it says on paper.

    And we know where he put his focus and what you tards follow breathlessly every day.

    It is/was all about the 2020 elections for you. Pure and simple.

    And even if it were all about russians then the effort would still have been a TOTAL FAIL.
    Bunch of indictments mailed out to russians who will never return to even face trial and most of them would probably be acquitted anyway if they put on a defense.

    Nice conviction record there. NOT. Doesn't get any worse than NONE.

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    Your ilk took an L on the Russians interfering in the election. That's rewarding enough.
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