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    there is no capitulation. Just like back in October 2002 people are still enamored with stocks and investments and technology and will re-enter the market when it seems safe, thus setting the stage for a huge rally in equities. Just like in 2002 ppl still watching CNBC, tuning into Cramer. Reading Fool, and Barrons. Also, million of people still logging on to Facebook, twitter, myspace. Rimm, Apple, and Google seeing record revenue. People continue to max out credit cards and gas prices and food prices beginning to rise again. Inflation good for stocks & economy. Rising gas prices good for stocks. No deflationary spiral.

    Nothing has change.d The age of prosperity is not over. Consumerism isn't over. People WON'T save more in the long run. The small rise in personal savings is just temporary. Larry Wingnut is an idiot. There will NOT be more regulation and greet and consumer spending will NOT be curtailed by this shallow recession. No lessons will be learned.

    That's why you need to buy equities now,
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    this is so stupid it's not even worthy of a decent answer
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    Makes sense to me......should I worry about that?
  4. Yes.
    And I have no doubt that this thread will be
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  5. Dow closing @ 7450 today
  6. Is this your big essay on the fake credit crisis and the mental recession? You have got to be the one of the dumbest people on the planet. and your ego? How can anyone with your lack of just about any redeemable quality have an ego? You have been dead wrong on everything, but you still think you are better than everyone else, facsinating stuff, as always please stop posting here and go away.
  7. Do us all a favor and predict that the Dow will close at 6450.
  8. Yes, just too bad these companies never did nor never will make ANY money whatsoever.
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    Your calls have been so wrong its not even funny anymore, cant you understand that the markets and the rest of the economy are headed down, there isnt going to be any turn around for many years, your dow 14k prediction isnt coming until at least 2020, so sit back and releax this is going to be a very slow moving market, dont even expect dow 10000 anytime soon.

    DOW 7000 is coming there after expect a drop to 6500 where I would actually be adding for a minor relief rally.
  10. This post is just a preface for the essay, which will give actual facts and figures to support my argument that this recession is merely a superficial one.

    The recession may be long ( in terms of months in accordance to official numbers), but it is a shallow one, with no deflationary spiral.

    The markets shouldn't be selling off this much. People need to stop selling. It's becoming depressing to watch. Down down down. Everyday the market keeps falling.
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