People Are Finally Figuring Out: Austerity is Stupid

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  2. Wow...whoever wrote that has the IQ of a baboon. Austerity isnt meant to grow an economy, but the writer obviously thinks thats what austerity is for.

    Its like say I make $50k per year and I run my credit card up to $200,000 in debt. Then I try to implement "austerity" on myself because my debt is getting out of control. I quickly find out that without my credit card, I cant enjoy things like cable TV, internet, a nice car, I have to downsize my house, I have to take my kids out of private school and then, like a genius, I say...Wow...austerity is STUPID! I have way less stuff, since I stopped spending money I dont have!
  3. I believe we are witnessing the way in which Social
    democracies fail: They spend themselves into catastrphic debt
    oblivion. You can only steal from the future to a point.
  4. Virtually all socieites - social, democratic, or otherwise - fail in exactly the same manner.
  5. Babies born in the US of A are handed their share of ~$100 Trillion in unfunded liabilities just for taking their first breath.. I hope nobody tells them until they are old enough to handle the bad news..
  6. But the Soviet Union collapse wasn't a systematic failure....right?

    That was 10x worse.
  7. I think though that most societies would succeed if all the population were honest & hardworking and caring for one another. It seems that societies fail when they become dishonest, lazy, and not caring for those in need.
  8. Don't like austerity? Want more stimulus? I'll give you some stimulus.

    eliminate all federal fuel taxes

    eliminate social security tax

    eliminate medicare tax

    eliminate employer payroll taxes paid for employees

    what's the matter, is that TOOO progressive for you????

    oh poor baby, you afraid it will add to the deficit? I thought you were the one who didn't like austerity.

    Austerity for who? Me or the government? The governments stimulus is my austerity.
  9. That's just money.

    They are also born into tangible realities, like a world-class infrastructure and relatively solid rule of law.
  10. what we need is more illegal immigrants sneaking into the country and having babies so they can inherit our debt when they take their first breath.

    Spread it around I say, both the wealth and the debt.
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