Pentium III 800mhz 256k ram

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  1. Is this configuration sufficient to use a real time E-sig feed with, together with a stand alone charting platform? Will Windows XP pro run efficiently with this configuration?

    Michael B.
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    A friend a mine use a p-3 with 800 mhz. for those aps. and it works fine. He has 1024 mb of ram though.

  3. This system has Rambus Ram and in it's day it was faster they say.....

    Michael B.

  4. I use a P111 733mhz 512mb ram, matrox G400 32mb video card with dual monitors and Win XP Home and can run :

    Interactive Brokers TWS (2 pages)
    Amibroker (downloading EOD data)
    surf other sites

    all at the same time on a high speed cable connection.

    If I could hook up a coffee pot it would handle that too!

    No problem...go for it (I would recommend you add another 256 ram)
  5. I used to run a Dell Pentium 3 at 750k with 512mb of RAM via Cable Modem and Windows XP-Pro which I upgraded from Win-98 and it ran SUPER FAST on Assent's Hammer platform with Realtick charting.

    I currently have a Dell Pentium 4 at 2.60 with 1 full Gig of RAM also via a Cable Modem and there really isn't much of a difference.

  6. Well, what the heck.....

    I have got the extra ports on my cable router. I really don't need more computers, but I could use those ports for old computers.

    I found a Compaq Pro AP550, 800MZ, 256K Rambus RDRAM, Matrox Dual Head G400 16/32MB Video Card for $299.00 total including Tax and Shipping.

    I was thinking about two 21" CRT Monitors from Sony to add to this....maybe some RAM. I already have XP pro disk's.

    Michael B.
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    You know your XP Pro reg. code is only good for one computer? I'm not sure if it will let you use the same code to install to another computer since MS requires on-line registration for it to work more than 30 days. It must use the computer ID when you register but I'm not sure.
  8. Thanks for the Heads up....

    Michael B.

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    Thought it was just me. I don't see much difference between my new computer with 2.3 Gig and my old computer with 533 Megahz. So much for the replacement cycle. I know my buys have been additions and not replacement.
  10. Since when? As a tech not only can I confirm that this I not the case, I wish I could get a dollar for every pirated copy that I have seen on prospective client equipment. I don't make any point of it when it is a private user though.

    The code is SUPPOSED to only be good for one computer. I'll stop at that point. :)
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