Pentium 4 800FSB is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by howardy2k, Aug 24, 2003.

  1. You guys seeing a big enough difference to justify the hefty cost?
  2. just bought a new p4 3.2 with 800fsb.. 1gb ram.. and 2 19" Sonys.. its a screamer and im loving it..

  3. my current setup is a bit wobbly toward the end of a trading day and i suspect it has something to do with my motherboard or cpu not handling it. I have checked the cpu processes at times showing 100% usage ( though only temporarily but very persistent at that level)

    xp2000+, 1.5gig ram, xp pro, 2 voodoo16mb + nvdia 8mb

    any suggestion?
  4. :mad:

    missing an arm or a leg somewhere? :p

  5. fk it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i think i am going to stop being a tight mf and go out and buy myself something i deserve :mad:
  6. i'm running an xp1700 and am totally fine with TWS and esignal on win2k...
  7. Go to the Dell Refurbished "Outlet" Site and find yourself a "one-month" old P4 2.60 at 800 FSB and 512 mb of RAM for $775.00

    Comes with the same warranty as the new ones.
    Spend another $120 and get yourself 2 more 256mb modules of RAM to get up to 1 Full Gig.

    Good Luck!
  8. mktman


    What model did you get?


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    personally, i think computing power has expanded way beyond software needs, especially for daytrading.

    I'm using a pentium3 1.0 ghz, with 256 ram, and I've got IB, charts, streaming news, excel, island book, and about 7 ie windows open, and it runs just fine.
  10. Htrader,

    Depends on your charting program. I have to use MetaStockRT on a seperate computer because it max'd my 2.4GHz CPU! Using the same charts with NeoTicker rarely uses more than 50% on the same computer.

    BTW: Best to have your broker program on a seperate computer without email or even browsing. I got one of those hacking viruses that record your keystrokes...not a good idea to have a stanger trading for you!! Now I use PestPatrol every morning.
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