Pentagon predicts Israel will drag US into war with Iran

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  1. Classified war games conducted by the Pentagon have sketched a scenario in which an attack by Israel on Iran's suspected nuclear facilities would lead to Tehran launching a counter-strike against a US ship in the Gulf. That in turn would drag a reluctant US into a fresh war in the Middle East.

    The results of the simulation, meant primarily to test co-ordination and communications between the various arms of the US military in the event of a flare-up with Iran, were reported by The New York Times.

    The revelations came as Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, warned yesterday that Tehran would attack any enemy "on the same level" as it attacks Iran. He named both Israel and the US as enemies, in remarks on state television.

    The war games were completed earlier this month under a long-standing programme called Internal Look to test the readiness of the Pentagon, Central Command in Florida and military resources in the Middle East to respond to any fallout from an Israeli strike.

    That fallout, the simulation showed, might include the Iranian leadership reasoning that any Israeli incursion would have come with an American stamp of approval and would justify a counter-strike against a US target. Under that scenario, Tehran would hit a US Navy vessel in the Gulf with the loss of 200 or more American lives. At that point, the US would feel bound to retaliate. The top military commander in the Gulf, the Middle East and Southwest Asia, General James Mattis, is reportedly using these results to underscore his belief that any attempt by Israel to take out Iran's nuclear facilities could lead.........
  2. If the USA and Israel attack Iran and the Iranians retaliate with terrorism, most Sunni Muslims such as myself will side with the USA and Israel.

    They are not even true Muslims in Iran. They are Shia which is a distortion of the Truth.
  3. That is the biggest lie I ever heard, and you are NOT a muslim you are a poser trying to stir up trouble and further fool poor Americans as if they are not fooled enough already,

    If you really think Sunni muslims will gladly watch Jews and Neocon Christians destroy another muslim country, (and for what bullshit reason?)

    Then you are minority, most muslims don't see things that way
  4. You are so wrong on so many levels. Saudi Arabia will lead the way in supporting an American attack on Iran. We are already engaged in a proxy war with the Iranian terrorists in Bahrain.

    Allah is on the side of Saudi Arabia and the Sunni nations, so will support USA and Israel when they attack Iran. It is right and proper to support those who attack Shia Iran, even if those peoples are kuffar.

    Iran is alone. Iranian Shia Islam is a deviant cult. Only Sunni Islam is the Truth.

    If Israel does a good job against Iran, we should reward Israel by making diplomatic relationships with the Israelians.

    Long live the alliance between Saudi Arabia and USA.
  5. You are in fact


    You are a troll with many names on ET that hopes West attacks Iran so you can watch people die on CNN and masturbate

    What corrupt shia leaders want in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain (proven US/Israeli lap dogs) is not what Shia people regular citizens want.
  6. I dont know who those peoples are.

    But I do know that the Sunni Islamic World is united with the USA on the issue of dealing with the Iranians.

    We in Saudi Arabia will allow the USA to launch an attack on Iran from US bases on our territory.

    Your opposition to a legitimate war with the terrible Iranians puts you in a minority. Shia Islam is deviant Islam and must be punished. Only Sunni Islam is mainstream Islam and is the Truth.

    May Allah protect the troops of our allies, the USA and Israel, when they launch a legitimate attack on Iran, the land of extremist Shia deviants.
  7. The leaders of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are not corrupt Shia. They are righteous Sunni, who wish to see an end to Shia terror of Iran.

    May Allah bless the troops of USA and Israel as they rightly attack the Shia terrorists of Iran.
  8. Eight


    The Saudi's helped the US in it's war on Iraq which was led by a Sunni 15% minority that were murdering the Shai population [or was it just everybody that was getting murdered?]. How do you explain that?
  9. Couldn't Obam just apologize to the Iranian leadership and promise to make it right after the election?

    And why are these generals getting into political matters? They should keep their traps shut and concentrate on their own jobs. Or is it possible that they are allowing themselves to be used to provide cover for the administration? After all, Obama put thme in their commands and can remove them. You can ask Gen. McChrystal about that.