Pentagon has the power to ENABLE new economy, new civilization

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  1. I have a childhood life-long friend working for DARPA. He gives me hints on things I want to know, he has high security clearance.
    He told me that US military has energy technology that makes power so cheap that its almost like free energy.

    And it doesn't produce any radiation or poisons

    He said that if these new generators actually became public knowledge it would shut down in 1 year entire oil and gas industry

    Ironically it would also shut down all "green energy" like solar, wind, geothermal etc.

    Exxon would be history, WAR for oil and gas would be history.
  2. He must be a low-level DARPA nug easily excited with rumors.
  3. I told him, why don't they sell power then.

    He said, if this got out no one could stop China or Russia or South America or EU or even Africa from running their own generators and no one would pay for energy
  4. He has access you don't

    I suppose you would never believe man will stand on the moon if you lived in 50s,
    your type is common
  5. alien tech????
  6. that is exactly what he hinted at, I didn't want to mention any of that.
    Because this thread will be deleted, probably because Mods don't believe there are aliens in the universe
  7. They must of figured out how to harness all the hot air and bullshit that gets generated on Elite Trader.

    Seems to be a limitless supply of this.
  8. So you believe we reached limits of science.

    Cars and planes would sound like bullshit to 16th century knight riding a horse. Ever think of that.
  9. I hope so. We can tune in to this bliss/higher energy around us. You watched Echart Tolle on Oprah?

    Afterall we don´t experience reality as it REALLY is but an interpretation in our minds. The apple is not green or red.
  10. what are you on man :)

    I am talking about science not new age crap
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