Pentagon employees right here on ET

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    As a successful day trader I pride myself on my ability to collect, analyze, conclude and always remove myself from equation.

    Being sophisticated by nature, it was hard to accept simplicity.

    Its been 6 years now, I haven’t paid taxes on my earnings.

    I am trying to give you an idea of what kind of capable person is writing this post.

    If you ask me.

    Reading squabbling about 9/11 on various sites, ET included.

    I am beginning to think that government paid people (lets call them true believing patriots) are on high volume sites, ready to respond and debunk 9/11 conspiracy believers.

    some 9/11 conspiracy debunkers are too sophisticated in their counter attacks to just be mindless bush voting boobs.

    Is this so far fetched, maybe, but I learned to at least consider all angles.
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    I invite haroki to respond

    haroki or whatever, how much does GOV pay you.

    hey let me know, I want to do your job too.

    why not, I am a money harlot
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    Your insights are amazing. Well I guess it is time to come clean.

    ET was started back in 99 as part of the Pentagon's plans for 9/11. This whole site is in fact an undercover operation to
    1. Put out false info suggesting that 9/11 was carried out by Islamic terrorists. We work closely with the BBC on this.
    2. Identify those people like YOU- those ones of great intellect- who see through our devious plans. We then send mind control rays from secret satellites that alter your beliefs.

    p.s if you want protection from our control rays please pm and I can put you onto a reliable seller of foil helmets.
  4. Of course there is a good reason why this site is called ET. There was a long discussion at the Pentagon on the name of this site. At the end we decided to use ET because, all the paid posters on this site are (you guessed it) ET's!:D We simply couldn't trust the earthlings.
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    just because it says moderator under your nick name

    it doesn't mean you have a brain or can trade :cool:
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    in fact I personally don't know a single successful trader that wants to be a moderator on public forum

    funny how simple things are, if you know how to think

    roberk you my poor friend are a failure

    go ahead ban me,

    this is only my 15th nick name :p
  7. Excellent! Blessed are the simple of heart - the harmless - for they shall see the Kingdom of God.

    When the dust settles, and the smoke and mirrors clear, there will be left standing only love. So the question for everyone regarding 911 is not so much who did it, but...can you forgive who did it when you find out?

    Suppose there are 49 conspirators. Can you forgive seven times seven times? If you will, then you will forgive yourself all your sins, and you will be free.

    ...And you will see the Kingdom of God. So this is a big big opportunity for all the simple in spirit.

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    I am not so hot on the whole Jesus thing either

    but.....what the hell

  9. Yes, the single line style lets us know who you are.

    re: moderators here... sounds like you're just a tiny bit jealous of roberk.

    Oh, we have a pretty clear idea of your capabilities, don't worry.

    Oh, and congrats on not paying taxes. That's one of the benefits of making less than $25 000 a year.
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    Nik you should never use the word WE

    you speak for your own small mind not others
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