Pentagon "Doesn't know where the money is going."

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  1. ya , U.S of A , not surprising... even top officials cant manage money better than a 5th grader, and so the loop of doom continues...
  2. Most of it goes towards psychological experiments run on the population. That's why they don't know.
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    Our entire federal government at all levels has gotten completely out of control with no accountability whatsoever.

    Anyone who keeps voting for incumbents is as much to blame as the buffoons in congress.
  4. everyone knows where the money is going. down the drain.
  5. It would be comical if it weren't so tragic how every couple of years billions upon billions of dollars go "missing". Somehow, we all know they are finding their way into the "shadow" system.
  6. The psychology experiments broke above ground in a large way during the 1950s.

    Tract homes
    Tracked homes

    You get the gist.

    Then it was Leave it to Beaver and Flintstones. Psychological programming the population for wife-swapping. "Programming" Television Programming... yep, it's that obvious.

    One of the fun ones they did is run psychology experiments in bars and clubs. Musical chairs. That's why nearly every bar and club is designed the exact same way these days. All the hot chicks always sit in the exact same place. The cameras are watching. Then the watchers know where to sit to pick up the hot chicks. Sadly, in some cases in the super-hot girl districts, well.. there's the basic cocaine to the VIP, but it does get worse than that through the air system.
  7. It really doesn't matter what you look like these days. The psychologists have identified a few moods and personality types. Just sit in the right spot and the hot chick will pick you right up. Don't have to hardly say a word.

    So that's how the infant boomers got all the hot chicks. Then they fought over them and the teenagers got involved (skater punks). So Gen X & Y were left out in the cold with the hot chicks going older for the money or younger for the wavy dumbasses.

    So I'm 44 and finally figured out why I have never had a date. Took a long time to figure that out. Pretty much given up these days.

    So that's where the "Defense Budget" has gone over the last 50-60 years. Hawaii? Scaring the hot chicks into bed of course. Japan bought the place up after the bombing scare. Then Hawaii came under the protection racket of the US Military (became a state). Puerto Rico? Same thing. Guam? Fiji? Rinse, repeat. Afghanistan? Iran? Iraq? I think you get the picture.
  8. I find it interesting that the politicians on both sides talk about cutting spending and trimming the deficit. Yet one of, if not the largest source of government spending (defense) is apparently unaccountable.

    How do you balance a budget if you don't know what the real budget is? I go back to the corporate example: a business owner/board of directors would have heads rolling if there was no clear accounting of income and expenses. But in government it's not just accepted, it's standard operating procedure.

    I think the OWS folks need to put this one on their list. :mad:
  9. i agree.
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