Pentagon Caught Red Handed setting up Iran

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    Pentagon Caught Red Handed in an attempt to Frame Iran: Iran Does Not Manufacture 81MM Mortar Shells

  2. Those Iranian 81mm mortars must be carrying the deadly IRAQI WMDs :D

  3. US marines have privately admitted that the Mossad is behind intelligence leaks to Iraqi radicals that have resulted in the deaths of US troops. The mossad has been providing depleted uranium anti-tank shaped charges to the same shiite radicals. Depleted uranium is only one of the few projectiles that can penetrate the armor of the abrams tank. That is why all known mossad and Israeli agents in Iraq are now provided a marine chaperon. When the future president of the United States pledges allegiance to Israel before she announces her presidency illustrates how insidious the jewish zionist threat has become. The founding fathers of the United States foresaw this insidious threat and explicitly urged vigilance against the parasitic horde.

    I'm suprised this thread has been up more than 5 minutes. So lets begin the count down to the deletion of yet another thread that attempts to illuminate on the parasitic cancerous growth that has griped Christian nations. 5....4......3.....
  4. May the static electricity from the next time you touch a door knob short out your two living brain cells.
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    LOL :D
  6. Some more observations by this member, who also posts under a lot of other usernames, including WAKE-UP

    Now with the above in mind, let us ask, Is pedophilia a True Crime? The answer, I think, is clearly No. No one has ever shown that pedophilia AS SUCH harms anyone, and all claims of harm are purely speculative. Yes, the way in which an act of pedophilia is carried out may be harmful -- rape, for example -- but pedophilia is not rape except perhaps in the legal sense ('statutory rape'). There is, however, one way in which pedophilia is frequently harmful, namely, that it causes the perpetrators to spend substantial time behind bars where they are almost invariably the subject of rape and where they are taught the pleasures of homosexual perversion. And of course where their lives are ruined.

    But while pedophilia is not a True Crime, it IS a POLITICAL crime, because the political forces which have turned it into a (legislative) crime are precisely those of the (sexually intolerant) political Right.

    In short, I think that all the hoo-ha and hyperventilation over pedophilia is much do-do about pretty much nothing
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    Former Top-Level Carter Advisor Warns Neo-Cons May Stage Terror & Blame Iran

  8. "The Goys are born to die for the Jews"
    - Quoted from your favorite Rabbi


    More troubling and indicative of what lies ahead though is the rhetoric coming out of Israel. Usually cautious about the kind of revealing language used (so as not to let the cat out of the bag that the United States is Israel’s high-tech attack dog) high-profile figures no less in stature than Ehud Olmert and Benjamin Netanyahu are shoving their mugs in front of every media outlet possible and calling for U.S. military action against Iran.