Penson safe? with so many brokers tied to it...

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  1. So far it seems all brokers still tied to it, not moving to other clearing firm, so it is safe?

    - should i move everything to IB?...

    I look at PNSN, I'm demn worried
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    If it make you more comfortable, Penson does not have a prop desk, which is where the losses came from at MF.
  3. Right, they aren't sophisticated enough for that, instead they got stuck in a failed loan to a racetrack. Is that supposed to re-assure people?
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    If any broker that uses Penson makes an announcement please post it here
  5. LIghtspeed uses penson to clear
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    nobody has made a bid for them.
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    im out....
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    There are no guarantees with ANY prime broker. Look at BS and LEH. Big does not mean safer. In my opinion, if you have assets under the SiPC limits, your spending too much time being concerned with an event you can't foresee. If you have large assets, you'll have to make a business decisions as if you split up your assets. If a large collapse is allowed, counter party risk can take down anyone.
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    Would they still bail out GS, JPM in today's political climate (OWS etc)? Some say letting LEH fail was a mistake, but politically it might be suicide to bail out the next big one? Would they still burden the taxpayer with banking losses or do they let the next big bank fail?
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