Penson: Radianz is down

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Euler, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. Euler


    Penson has most US routes down for close to an hour due to what they say is an outage at Radianz. Are any other brokers experiencing difficulties due to this problem? I believe Penson is located in Dallas.
  2. how did you find that out?
  3. Euler


    They broadcast a message as such.

    The main reason I post this here is that I'm interested in knowing whether others are experiencing the same problem with other brokerages, or whether it's just an issue with Penson or even Radianz in Dallas, generally. Radianz is used by probably every major player in financial services.
  4. wucah


    Who told you this? We clear through penson and had radianz problems before but not today.
  5. okwon


    Radianz sucks and is a rip off.
  6. Euler


    This is through one of their NexaTech platforms, which allows you to execute through Penson (Penson owns NexaTech). Maybe it's just a NexaTech issue.