pensions the savour of the credit crunch

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  1. could pension saving (mandatory) for the wealthy help ease the credit crunch. if pension saving was increased it would be like increasing interest rates liquidity would decline and inflation would fall. however it is selective and does not have to affect everyone, which interest rates do. this means that wealthy people could be targeted to save more money without having the reposessions and business failures created through an interest rate rise.

    it would not affect the poor or small businesses as they would not be affected. it would also increase investment and provide loans for economics recovery. this would ease the credit crunch and help economic recovery. perhaps the reason the credit crunch is partly happening is the reduction in pension saving.

    what do you think of this suggestion.

    i have written papers on this if you would like to read them.
  2. come on you must have an opinion. if the economic problem at the moment is created through debt then it must be better to use another way that does not need debt to control the economy.
  3. seriously do none of you have an opinion on this.
  4. will someone post an answer even if it is i don't know, id don't agree or this is not relevant for this forum (although it is).
  5. i know that you are looking at the question i can see the view increase so please someone put something.
  6. i guess that you are not posting just to irritate me. so this is my last post purely because i want to have posted more than 13 times i don't like that number.
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    Since noone has bothered replying to you, I hoped you might have five minutes for me, I need to write a short report on the credit crunch and the how it's affecting global banks, small business', nuclear and single parent families, and small businesses.

    Despite the abundance of information available online, it's all a little bit advanced for me, I need basic knowledge of all the above, and you appear... passionate, as you should be lol.

    If you could spare a couple of minutes to put it down in laymans for me I'd be incredibly greatful.


  8. I must say that you may have alienated a few folks with knowledge of your topic, when you stated having written on the topic yourself. I have found it most effective to play stupid on ET to get both ends of the spectrum in responses. By touting one's own proficiency on any topic and then asking for input, you are not as likely to get any.
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    I do hope you are referring to the other dude, I have made no such claims as to having written on the topic.....

    although it appears one will struggle to recieve any help on here...