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  1. I cant remember when they had so many technical issues like in last days.Anyone else has same experience?
  2. Lorenzo


    Me ....three years ago

    Opened, funded, closed
  3. What are you referring to, specifically?
  4. problems with eurex datafeed, many technical issues they cant fix it because they made "any" update of system...everyday problems.
    I had them as clearing years ago, was fine but now :confused:
  5. Which platform are you using with Penson GHCO?

    PS. Are you trading directly with them or they are your clearer (but you open the account with another broker)?
  6. x_trader, via broker, i got message they are really down today.
  7. tradertek


    If you are using Xtrader it is not the software. That is about as good as it gets. Normally I would say check your internet connection or check your cpu utilization but if they are admitting to be down then I'm sure that is true. uses the transact AT platform. Not a lot of bells and whistles but data and execution is very fast. Good people and get your account opened quickly.
  8. Compliments tradertek, you've just registered @ ET and your first post is just spam...thanks for your contribution to the thread... :eek: :mad:
  9. tradertek


    I guess all spammers compliment the other company's software and suggest that it might be something on there own computer instead of being their broker.

    It is easy for depth windows in high volume futures, stocks and options to max out a computers cpu espeacially at market open and close.
  10. its nothing to do with x_trader and their gateway...can you read??
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