Penny Stocks

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  1. anyone dabble with pennies?
  2. "exotic investments class"

    BTW some people refer to any stock with price under $10 as a penny stock... lots of money to be made and lost in otc/pinks.

    no better feeling in the world then having 100,000 + shares run up cents in a day.. i guess running up dollars must be nice too.
  3. What are some good brokers for such ?
  4. da-net


    I recently started looking @ them again...but hopefully from a more experienced point of view...i sent Baron a PM today asking for a channel on ET as there have been some good trade ideas by some better ET members. I suggested to Baron that one member that has expressed an interest in being a moderator be put in charge of that channel only and other restrictions to reduce the amount of promoters.

    while researching the subject for a broker to trade them with Zecco looks most promising. Currently looking for a way to filter the trash and arrive @ what could be a worthy trade / investment as I believe that in taking a position you should take the original money off the table as quickly as possible and hold the balance for possible appreciation.
  5. Yeah I like your thought process there danet. Definitely a fan of taking off original investment and letting the rest go.

    Check out as its a good place to discuss pennies.
  6. from my nickname... i do trade the OTC market and the truth is that alot of experience traders are missing out on alot of action is my "penny stock/otc/pink sheets" broker because they have a fixed fee of 4.99 for unlimited shares... FAST fills

    IB share pricing isnt exactly penny stock friendly

  7. Any other good resources for pennies ?
  8. Ever wonder why the biggest houses on the street dont have Institutional Prop OTC desks? Can you imagine GSCO have a penny desk?

  9. That's why it is interesting for us, small guys :)
  10. Flu good point I had never considered it from that point of view. I would say there are sharks in all waters just different kinds. I have never taken an interest in otc or pinkies but I know guys that have done okay there. Good luck to you.
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