Penny stocks, under 5$ crowd etc...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by neo_hr, Feb 26, 2002.

  1. neo_hr


    Hello all,

    Just wanted to ask about your experiences trading theese stocks... anything of value there. Yeah I know about the risk but I just wanted to know this as general info, like do they move, any names to watch for etc etc.

    Thx all and trade well
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  3. I should think you would find it usefull since you work for them.:D
  4. Bono



    For your information, I do not work for them. I VOLUNTEER to analyse for them. I do not take any money as this site is absolutely free of charge, and yet has one of the best track records on the net. Give it try, and let's skip those comments which won't help. I guess we're all here to help each other after all. Right ?
  5. Dearest Brother Bono,

    You philanthropy is most interesting... it beckons the question; why, my brother, do you work for free?

    With love and best wishes for a more profitable endeavor,
  6. Bono


    Why do I work for free ? Who said I work for free ? I have my own job, which pays me nicely, I also trade and make some nice profit, which also helps, and in my leasure time I contribute to this web site. I love it because all contributors are like me, and therefore, we provide material which is similar (if not better) to all other sites which are fee-based, and yet it's absolutely free.

    You can ask all you want ... as long as my answer will help you one way or another :)
  7. Jeffo


    There are plenty of stocks under $5 that aren't pink sheets. BVSN, INSP, ICGE, BVEW etc.
  8. tampa


    There are plenty of stocks under $5 that aren't pink sheet - yet
  9. Jeffo


    I don't believe the ones I listed are necessarily headed for pinksheetdom but there are plenty others that probably will like GMGC, SBAS etc.
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