Penny incements for options ?

Discussion in 'Options' started by IV_Trader, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. MTE


    As far as I'm aware, it's coming, not sure how soon as some of the infrastructure has to be upgraded, but it sure is coming.
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  3. Thanks , Mav !
    What a great , great news !
    Drinks for everybody on me :)
  4. Does this all mean there is price improvement (which is not displayed to the public), or will the bid and ask actually by penny increment?
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    You will see markets that are 1.32 bid at 1.33 offer.
  6. Thank you. Where may one find more information?
  7. Maverick74


    NYSE/ARCA web site.
  8. Thanks again. :)
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    Well they do it on KOSPI Index optýons. No reason for them not to do ýt here.
    #10     Jul 9, 2006