Penny Auctions?

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  1. Opinions on the penny auctions please. They have IPods, kindles, tv... NEW! What is the odds to win?
    Ok, first you have to buy the package of the bids. Then you watch the time to bid. When people bid it extend time by 10 seconds about, and increase the price by 1 cent. Ok, so most of the people are waiting for the end of the time to make bids, true?
    Is this really hard to win?
  2. Fah Q

    Fah Q

    yes, really hard to win. you have to watch items like a hawk. it's intense.
  3. Yes, thank you. What do you think to bid on the (new) penny auction site with really small competencia because no peoples really know about that site?
  4. Its gambling.
  5. I read the google search and this penny auction is really not good odds to buy something for less than market is asking. After buying the package bids, then play the game to win something, most of the people are paying more than market price. Yes, is gambling. Really is better to buy after christmas.
  6. spd


    I signed up for one to check it out, it was ridiculous. People bidding a few hundred times for a $50 dollar giftcard.