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  1. Any traders in the Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton area? It would be nice to make contact with locals.
  2. dawg


    i live in Harleysville.
  3. was born and raised in allentown, was glad to leave about 7 years ago...sorry, absolutely no help....
    but grab some yoccos' and drink a yuengling for me....
    and if you get the chance cheesesteaks from zandy's and brass rail, and then another yuengling!
  4. Ron I-A-S

    i hear you, tho the rent here beats the hell out of manhattan for the relative proximity and the victorian architecture is more authentic than anything i saw driving 14,000 miles across the usa looking for too! I cut my rent to a fourth, and increased my space five times, plus stained glass.. i was looking for the time warp and the dives, and i found them. Easton is perfect. i live 100 feet from the first public reading of the declaration of independence, and somehow that pleases me. that sandwich would be so good right now, i'lll have to check out zandy's. Where are you now?

    by the way if you ever stop back, if you want to come by to critique my trading, i'll feed you whiskey.

  5. stop, your making me homesick...i do miss the area to be honest, i still have a lot of family and friends in the area, the old victorian homes (i like west end), history, time warps and dives....its very feasible to commute to jersey or even NYC and philly from there, when i left a lot of commuters were moving to the area. my brother is moving to bethlehem, that area has really revived itself and i heard easton is next up and coming starting to turn itself around, so you probably have a very nice investment with that house, it sounds gorgeous!
    i am living in tucson right now but have lived all over on my "west coast swing" with "stints" in phoenix/scottsdale, and vegas. prob. gonna move back to phoenix or vegas or san diego, or maybe i'll even end up back in allentown for the right oppurtunity.

    i do get back to the area often, so your on with the whiskey (blantons, basil hayden, oban, mchallan, lavagulin)and if you want to discuss and critique trading PM me and ill take the raincheck!
  6. one more comment b/c i must rip allentown while i have the chance. i was saying bethlehem is really revivng, easton is starting to turn around, but every time i go back allentown keeps getting crappier and crappier!
  7. Ron,

    Well, the Southwest is amazing in other ways. I've got a lot of family in NM, and I know I will live there when I can afford to do it right. You're breathing clean air. I understand homesick - I miss the vibrance of Manhattan. But we all make trades, right? I have sights set on the west coast too eventually, but how do you get up at 6:30am to trade? Speaking of Allentown, I have to agree. Looks tough on some of those streets.

    So, you're on for that critique if/when you're around and have a sec. Just to be totally honest, I don't actually have a strategy worth critiquing just yet, but I'm chipping at it hard. Judging by the fact that I've never heard of those whiskeys, I'm guessing they're top shelf. Any benefit from your experience is worth it. Keep me posted... I'll be here.
  8. i gotta tell you, i love trading the pac time. i was ALWAYS a night owl, never getting up before 10, but now i love being an early riser. i get so much done in a day and have time for my other business i run (retirement plans)... while all the east coast fat asses are gourging themselves at the trough during the deadzone, i am at the gym from 9-11... at 1 here the bell rings and i have a days work in, was already at the gym and i have the rest of the day to enjoy, golf at some of the nicest and scenic courses, ride quads in the desert, hit early happy hour, or just soak up some sun at the pool, etc... and its ALWAYS a warm sunny day here, lotta of outdoor stuff here if your into it,
    not a bad life, trust me you can get VERY comfortable with it quickly...
    i dont hold myself out as any master millionaire trader, its just been a second income source for me thus far, but anyway i can help i would be happy to assist a fellow PA man.... i am sure i can learn a thing or two from you as well regardless of knowledge level
  9. gimp570


    Well I have been back in Allentown for a few months now. Just wondering if anyone would be interested in maybe catching a happy hour and talk some shop? I know that there are a few traders in the area. Anyone interested? Please let me know what you think.