pennant forming...ES going to Soar today 2:14pm NYtime

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  1. ES is going to soar...pennant is forming...very bullish indicator 2:14pm nytime
  2. going higher 2:24pm nyt
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    I think some are waiting for Obama to give his press conference.1:30 CT
  4. hmmm...great point....
  5. all the stocks on my watch forming intra-day ascending triangles on the 5 and 15.
  6. I think that's a bearish pennant, not a bullish one. I am selling like there is no tomorrow.
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    Everyone is hoping for Obama magic, to lift the market.

    After Reagan would give a speech the market would fly.

    This will be interesting, Does Obama have a clue? Stay tuned.
    Is Obama going moderate or going left?
  8. Another huge up day Dow 14k soon

  9. We are at 23.6 fib retrace from swing high to low and falling volume generally have been favoring a pop in direction to the general trend of the markets.
  10. IN the short temr technicals do work, but only 5% of patterns are reliable. Long term, fundamentals take over though but short term technicals do work. This perfect riasing wedge breaklout is proof that markets are not completely efficient.

    Dow will end the day up 500 points or more
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