Penn State Sex Scandal

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  1. These idiots are rioting because their beloved coach Joe Paterno was fired, the same coach that walked into a locker room where a boy was being raped and he walked rigth out, and kept it quite for the next seven years...

    we are a country that puts college sports ahead of education and good moral character.

    US leads the world in child abuse.
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    Tsing Tao

    It might lead the world in reported child abuse, but there's simply no way it leads the world in child abuse. That's a load of horseshit.
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    Right. I doubt the Arab countries count marrying 9 year old girls to old men child abuse either.

    To the OP: I haven't seen any story about Paterno being a personal witness to child molestation. Please provide a link if that is true.
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    No, Paterno didn't personally witness any abuse, he was informed about it by a then-grad assistant (who is now a full-time assistant coach) and Paterno reported what he was told to his "supervisor". That covers the legal obligations of both men. The question remains whether more should have been done, e.g., making sure the police were contacted as the university is legally obligated to do.

    There may be no legal rap against Paterno but there certainly seems to be an ethical one. Why wasn't the matter pursued to the end? How did Paterno not hear of an earlier accusation dating back to 1998 (1994?)? There seems to have been a hell of a lot of unsavory smoke swirling around Jerry Sandusky that was ignored on both an individual and an institutional level. It now seems noteworthy in hindsight that when he retired in 1999 at the age of 55, he was not offered a coaching job at another school. Were warnings issued by Penn State to other schools that Sandusky was not someone you wanted on your football staff? Stay tuned.
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    All I know is what's reported in the media, and we know how reliable that is. As far as I know media reports, at the time Paterno was told about the incident, Sandusky was no longer a University employee. Apparently Paterno did not know about the earlier accusations until recently -- that's a key point I think, i.e., whether that's true or not. If he knew about earlier incidents, while Sandusky was still employed at Penn State that's a different matter altogether, but it seems he didn't. In the University, something of this nature would almost certainly wind up in the Presidents office, and it would be up to the University President to see that the authorities are alerted. If what I'm hearing is correct, it seems Paterno acted appropriately, but those above him may not have. The true details will all come out with time, I would think.
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    You are correct: Sandusky was a retiree who still had full access privileges to the athletic areas, hence the eyewitness report of him raping a boy in the shower in 2002. A key question is: IF Sandusky was forced to retire in 1999 because of the 1998 incident, why was he afforded full privileges in retirement? A lot remains to be revealed, e.g., the authorities still don't know who most of the victims are.
  7. The Ped State football program should receive the NCAA death penalty, if possible.
  8. Barney Franks must be jealous
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    He's probably considering a career change to football coach.
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    Yes we are, though not me personally.
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