Penis enlargement - Business Opportunity?

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    Do you guys think that this is a good business opportunity? I mean, look at this site:

    Look at the ingridients. Why can't I crush these ingridients myself from a health food store, and put in a capsule and sell it on eBay for 1/3 the price?

    Then maybe I can get FPC to get a bunch of handles on eBay and give testimonials around the clock under the 8754 different handles? Here is a typical testesmonial, I mean testimonial:

    "If I told you what happened to me your not going to ever believe it but here goes: I am 9 inches big!! I got to stop taking your pills or I'll end up in the circus for REAL!!!
    Ben, New Zealand"


    nitro :D
  2. Nitro,

    I was sceptical at first also, but I started taking these pills and within 6 weeks I had a 10" cock.

    Of course it was a full foot before I started, but at least girls don't run off now when I drop my pants:D

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    nitro :D
  4. Those spam ads for "male enhancement" are awful, but I saw one on cable the other night that was even worse. "Bob" took his natural male enhancement pills , and became a new man, much to the neighborhood women's obvious appreciation when he emerged from the swimming pool without his drawers. How does this stuff get on TV?
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    nitro :D :D :D
  6. I think fpc is trying to get rid of his! :eek:
  7. "Hi, my name is fpc and I am only 4" long. I was deliberating a sex change when I tried this product, and WOW in one week I am already up to 4 1/4" long!!! This product is changing my life! :D
  8. LOL, that is funny stuff...I figure they already exploited the baldness gig, the weight loss gig, now they have entered a new frontier...
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    Guys, stop it, we are laughing so much our sides hurt!:D :D
  10. So where's the vaginal condensement?

    That the next horizon... tight pussy is good pussy!
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