Pending Home Sales UP 7.4% - most since OCT 2001

Discussion in 'Trading' started by electricshock, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Prices down,hugely unexpected jump in pending home resales.

    All 4 regions saw pending sales increase from July.

    The bail-out package has been passed,The Fed have cut rates,people can afford to buy oil.

    With stocks plunging and people's wealth being wiped out by the day where is the best place to invest?Is property actually cheap here?At least if I own a house I can live in it/see it/rent it out/pass it on to my heirs.That's more than can be said for anyone unlucky enough to have invested in some of the major stocks that have literally disappeared.
  2. As we all can see all that matters is trust. Do you trust Paulson? Do you trust Bernake? well.
  3. OK,but if money in the bank is becoming worth less and less and inflation is now a lot higher than what that money in the bank would return(that is,if the bank doesn't go out of business taking your money with it!)where is a smart place to invest?


    Real Estate



    Like I say,if you buy a house(and I'm not talking about some dump in a ghetto)at least you own a tangible asset.