penalties are not taxes

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  1. Hey Mav,

    Thanks for posting; I totally agree. Since the ruling of the SCOTUS on the ACA, the thought occured to me that something is not quite right about the ruling. The law was ruled upon in a different form than what was voted upon by congress; and, more importantly, what was told to the American people. That being the case, is it not reasonable to think, since the law was technically changed by interpretation from its original form, it needs to go back to congress to be approved with the change before it can be implemented?

    Justice Kennedy gives rise to this question when, as quoted from the WSJ: Reading a joint dissent from the bench, Justice Kennedy said the majority engaged in “vast judicial overreaching” and decided “to save a statute Congress did not write.”
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  2. The only thing I'm mocking is you. You're mucho mockable.
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  3. JamesL


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  4. Mav88


    ...and your childish mockery is all you have. I know what drives you to it as well, it's that I know what you really are instead of what you pretending to be, I expose liberalism for the religious sham it is.

    ok your turn, the only question is will the next mock be even emptier than the last? Really child, I can spare you the trouble, mockery is almost expected and it doesn't affect me or anyone else much when you have no real ideas to go with it.
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    amazing what just happened isn't it? even more amazing is that Roberts acted all alone in ignoring legislative intent and basically rewriting the law so he could support it.

    It may be possible to do something else legally now that Roberts said it was a tax, but the troubling part of that is he is the only justice that said so. How is it possible to interpret this ruling that ACA is a tax when the 8 other justices ruled on commerce clause alone and didn't think so?

    We now have a law, which when judged on the nature that Obama and the democrats held it up as, is unconstitutional 5-4.
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  6. What is it with you calling everyone religious. I recognize the method for
    The righties, repeat the same thing over and over and over and it will maybe stick even though untrue. But I don't know why you keep telling everyone they're religious.
    I just think you personally are a fool, full of yourself and an all around asshole.
    As for this argument of constitutional or not, there is no argument there, I can see where it could of been struck down. I can also see a good argument for why it passed. I know I know when you look at both sides to an argument it's religion. Maybe the religion of not being a dumbass (which seems to be your religion).
    So carry on fool post another 1000 words of ranting on this subject and be sure to call everyone religious.
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    Well in the context of just the penalty portion, I agree with them James, and in that regard the supreme court just ruled 5-4 that this is unconstitutional.

    Roberts is right that they have the same outcome, money given to the government, but a non-criminal penalty on a mandate is not a tax. They have entirely different semantical meanings and they have different sets of broader impacts.

    Saying that simply because they both result in money paid in to uncle sam, then they are the same, is really narrow.
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    No, just you and a few others. However many times I say it is irrelevent to the truth. You have an set of beliefs tied to your brainstem that makes you reflexively hurl ad hominems when they are challenged- EXACTLY what religious people do.

    oh and likewise, but so what?

    I will post as I see fit, like everyone else does. I'd rather post 1000 words with some thought behind them than the shit you post, but to each his own I guess. I don't really care what you say you understand, you have posted nothing so what does it matter? I have taken a position, and I defend that position with arguments that everyone is free to take on. You are offended by that? really, I don't care, you are not going to affect me with your little insults.

    ok, your turn, vent off since I have again insulted your belief system.
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  9. Good thing we no longer are bound by the Constitution, then.. eh?
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  10. belief system ???

    Guess I'll have to listen to some conservative radio gurus to get the definations to all y'alls catch phrases and talking points.
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